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Dr Jitka Vrtiskova M.D.

Dr Jitka Vrtiskova MD Dr Jitka Vrtiskova MD

Patients Reviews:

  • „Would you pass on our thanks to Dr Vrtiskova, she is a wonderful surgeon, whose work is excellent, it is only 2 weeks since my surgery and already the scars behind my ears have healed completely, and I´m extremely pleased with the results. We will be recommending your clinic to all our friends and anyone who asks about surgery abroad. Thanks for everything.“

Dorothy, age 41, England, UK, Face Lift Surgery (Facelift), Neck Lift Surgery, Upper Arm Lift Surgery

  • „Prague Plastic surgeons Dr Topinka and Dr Vrtiskova are very professional, with a great „bedside manner“ (meaning, pleasant and friendly). So far, I am glad I did it, and I am considering returning to Dr Topinka for rhinoplasty. I would highly recommended Beauty in Prague to anyone considering.“

Jennifer, age 37, Scotland, UK, Breast Uplift

  • „Dr Vrtiskova is very knowledgeable. I could focus on my recovery process as Beauty in Prague team took care of everything I needed. Everyone is lovely; apartment was fantastic, if a bit lonely!“

Kay, age 39, England, UK, Breast Augmentation

  • I was scared about coming to Prague for surgery alone, but the staff and facilities were good and put me at ease. The surgeon listened to my option during the consultation as well as giving her advice. I am happy with the surgery – the size of the breast reduction is perfect and I was pleased that she was able to do it with less scarring which must take a lot of skill! :-),

Catherine, UK, Breast Reduction with Uplift

Lynn from the UK, Tummy Tuck with Liposuction with Dr Vrtiskova

Leanne from the UK, Tummy Tuck with Liposuction with Dr Vrtiskova

Board Certification

  • Faculty of General Medicine of Charles University in Prague

Medical degree

  • First Degree Certificate in General Surgery
  • Second Degree Certificate in Cosmetic and Plastic surgery
  • License from the Czech Medical Chamber for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Trainning and Residencies abroad

  • USA, Germany, Finland, United Kingdom and Brazil including study stay with professor Pitangui
  • member of American missions for tratments of cleft defects in Peru and Bolivia


  • working over 20 years at the Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Prague
  • author of several scientific studies and lectures


  • The Czech Medical Chamber
  • Society of Aesthetic Surgery JEP
  • Society of Plastic Surgery JEP
  • Surgical Society JEP
  • The International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery – IPRAS
  • Eurocleft, Eurocran – national representative

Areas of Expertise

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Body Reshaping

Breast Surgery

Other staff