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Recovery after your cosmetic surgery in Prague

As a part of your free email detailed information you will be advised on the minimum stay in Prague. If your surgery is performed under general anaesthetic you will stay at the clinic. Further minimum days for your recovery in a self-catering apartment or hotel will be also advised.

We can book the accommodation for you or advise you on close apartments or hotels next to the clinic. We strongly advise to stay within walking distance in case of any urgent visit at the clinic is needed.

You can also book your own accommodation, however, we will be not able to provide you with free transfers. The price of the transfers depends on the distance between your accommodation and the clinic. Please contact us if the accommodation is not listed below with the name and address of your accommodation before you book it, so we can approve whether free transfers between clinic and accommodation can be provided.

After the surgery clients need at least 4-10 journeys there and back for  check-ups, which will depend on your surgery and healing.

The clinic is located on the address: Janovského 48, Prague, 170 00.

The accommodation for one person starts at £30/night or £45 for two people. However, these prices for accommodation are just a guide. The price can vary depending on availability, exchange rates and whether it is high or low season. We will do our best to get you the best price for your accommodation.

Choosen accommodation is booked after completing free email consultation and the deposit of £300 is paid.

Please find below suitable accommodation for your stay on which we provide free transfers between the clinic and hotel/apartment.


Mama Shelter Prague ****



Residence Vysta:

Apartment Simackova

Comfortable Prague Apartments

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