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During your recovery you can stay at the hotels close to the clinic or apartments.

You can also book your own accommodation, however, we will be not able to provide you with free transfers. The price of the transfers depends on the distance between your accommodation and the clinic.

a Non-sharing apartment with or without a kitchenette at Residence Vysta

  • £35-£50 /night/person
  • £45-£65 /night/2 people

Hotels in Prague close to the clinic

Accommodation – Beauty in Prague works hard to find suitable accommodation for its clients based on budget, location and length of stay. Beauty in Prague will provide you with accommodation options after you have paid your deposit. The usual price is £30-£35/night for 1 person or £45-£50/night for 2 people. However, these prices are just a guide. The price can vary depending on availability, exchange rates and whether it is high or low season. We will do our best to get you the best price for your accommodation.

Accommodation organised by Beauty in Prague – Cancellation policy

  • Beauty in Prague can only make changes to an accommodation booking during working hours Monday to Friday, so it is important to contact us as soon as the problem occurs. Should you cancel, postpone or shorten your booking for any reason, you will be charged a one night cancellation fee.
  • The price can vary – depending on the availablity, exchange rate of the GBP or Eur to CZK and also type of tourist season during the year.