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Medical Questionnaire

Medical Questionnaire is a very important tool which helps us to make your cosmetic surgery abroad with us as safe and risk-free as it could possible be. By answering the questions below you enable our medical team to assess your suitability for the treatment and general or local anaesthesia correctly. This way we also try to minimize the risk of being contraindicated here in Prague during your examination. Information provided is assessed by our General Practitioner, Head Anaesthesiologist and Plastic surgeon who is assessing your pictures as well.

We are very sorry but if you suffer from the following medical conditions your surgery cannot be performed at our clinic as we are not equipped to treat clients with such conditions: Diabetes, HIV, AIDS, psychiatric illness. Please understand your safety is our priority.

If you are interested in Tummy Tuck surgery please try to find out about your BMI first via BMI calculator from the NHS. Clients who have BMI above 30 will be not indicated for the surgery and will be requested to carry on with further weight loss. Any surgery under general anaesthetic with BMI of above 30 is not advised due to the increased risks and complications.

    PLEASE NOTE: It is necessary to provide us with all medication you use for all health problems in order to correctly indicate you to a surgery and allow you to have anaesthesia. In case if false, not complete information or concealed medical history is provided your treatment might be cancelled with no financial refund.
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    Images (at least one photo from the front and side):

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