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We are on Instagram

03 Jan 2017

We are now on Instagram. Have you wanted to document your surgery journey but didn't want to do it through Facebook? Instagram gives you the perfect place to remain anonymous and still receive the support and encouragement from those who have been where you are, or are on their own journey.

You can follow us by typing in beautyinprague and using the same hashtag.

We look forward to seeing your journeys and before and after pictures.

For more information, please call 0800 023 2592 free or apply for our free email consultation by filling in the medical questionnaire and sending us your photos.

£200 Christmas Breast Implant Voucher

18 Nov 2016

We are very happy to announce that due to our successful co-operation with the German producer of breast implants, Polytech, we have a special Christmas voucher of £200 for you.

For over 25 years, Polytech Health & Aesthetics have specialised in the manufacturing of breast implants. All implants are primarily handmade manufactured in Dieburg, Germany, following the highest quality requirements. After each step of production every single implant is checked by hand for possible errors.

In 2007 Polytech Health & Aesthetics launched the patient programme „Implants of Excellence“ which offers patients a lifetime replacement-implant policy for their implants.

The standard price for Breast Augmentation is £2,289. With your Christmas voucher it is only £2,089.

The standard price for Breast Augmentation with Uplift is £2,889. With your Christmas voucher it is only £2,689.

The price includes:

- Full consultation with a plastic surgeon

- Pre-operative Blood & ECG tests

- Full examination by our GP

- Your surgery and general anaesthetic

- All medication

- 1–2 Night stay at our clinic

- All post-operative treatments

- Dressings & surgical wear

- Stitch removal if needed

- Support garment to be worn after surgery

- Transfer between your recovery apartment and the clinic

Make your dream about fuller and perkier breasts come true by contacting us today and using your Christmas voucher. Our standard prices are affordable compared to the prices in the UK and Ireland, where you would pay up to 60% more for this surgery. Now, with our Christmas voucher, you can save even more.

This voucher can be used for Breast Augmentation, Breast Re-Augmentation, Breast Augmentation with Uplift or Breast Re-Augmentation with Uplift. The offer applies to round and tear-drop silicone implants from Polytech.

You need to pay your £300 deposit by 31.1.2017 and your surgery has to be performed by 28.2.2017.

The first step of being able to book your treatment is to apply for our free email consultation:

  1. Please fill in the Medical Questionnaire

2. Email us some pictures of the areas to be treated. Our surgeons need at last one photo from the front and one from each side. It would be ideal if somebody else could take pictures of you, this is so you do not need to lift your arms up, as this will influence the look of your breasts.

What happens next:

3. Our breast surgeons assess your suitability for the treatment.

4. We will email you within 24–48 hours with detailed information about surgery, surgeons, who has assessed your pictures, available appointments and we will include telephone numbers and email addresses to our previous clients from the UK and Ireland who have had surgery with us; they are happy to answer any of your questions.

5. You will contact us with which appointment you would like to book.

6. We will send you your booking form with all the details about your surgery, including prices.

7. We will ask you to pay your deposit of £300 by credit or debit card online and the surgery is booked and confirmed.

8. We will organise your accommodation, pre-operative tests at our clinic and your pick-up from the airport.

9. The rest of the payment is due here in Prague, after your consultation with your surgeon. You can pay the remaining balance in cash or by credit or debit card.

If you have already applied for a free email consultation and you were indicated for surgery, please contact us via email or on our telephone numbers (Freephone from the UK: 0800 023 02592 or outside the UK: +420 608 571 517) to agree on the date you would like to book.

Be quick, the number of appointments for this offer is limited.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The offer applies for new bookings/deposits only (deposits paid from 18.11.2016)
  • The offer must be stated in your booking form, otherwise is not valid
  • The offer must be confirmed prior to your arrival to Prague, otherwise is not valid
  • The offer cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The offer cannot be combined with any other special offers or discounts.
  • The offer is valid from 18.11.2016 until 28.2.2017
  • For clients coming from Ireland the offer is €200
  • You must not have a period on the day of your surgery
  • You must be 100% healthy to undergo surgery

27.12. is the perfect day for your surgery in Prague

21 Oct 2016

Give yourself a special gift this Christmas and book your surgery with us on December 27th*. This is a special operating day and will enable you to enjoy the festive period with your family. You can use your Christmas holidays for your surgery and recovery in Prague until New Year's Eve.

Please email us today as the number of surgeries available on this day are limited.

Operating Surgeon on 27.12.

Dr Josef Kulhanek MD is one of the most experienced plastic surgeons and speaks fluent English. Dr Kulhanek has been operating for over 25 years and specialises in Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty, Liposuction and Tummy Tuck Surgery

Interested in other dates?

The other appointments available are:

  • 5.12., 6.12., 7.12., 12.12., 13.12., 14.12., 15.12. and 19.12.

There are only 1–2 spaces left per day.

The first available appointment in 2017 is Monday 2nd January.

Free Email Consultation

Not sure whether you are indicated for a treatment or would like to find out more?

Our free email consultation is available for you. Simply fill in the medical questionnaire and send us some photos of the areas you want treated.

We will respond within 48 hours with your cosmetic surgery package quote, including some telephone numbers on our previous clients from the UK, so you can speak with them about their experience with Beauty in Prague.

Before and After pictures

You can look at the work of our surgeons in the before and after section. You will also find examples of work on each procedure page.

Why Beauty in Prague?

Our focus on UK clients

  • We are proud that we helped our clients improve the quality of their life. Please contact us if you wish to speak to them.

6 from our 7 plastic surgeons speak English

  • Our staff and plastic surgeons are here for you from the first contact until your departure.

Affordable surgery for everybody

Like from London to Edinburgh

  • You can be in Prague in just over an hour and the cost of the return flights starts at £50.

Thousands of happy clients

Video Testimonials

online on our YouTube Channel.

Feel the magic of Christmas

  • Make sure you visit our Christmas Markets whilst in Prague, but only venture out if you are able to do so. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of the most charming Christmas Markets in the world. Taste lovely hot wine and sample so delicious Prague ham, but remember to wrap up warm.

Apply for our free email consultation today by filling in the Medical Questionnaire and emailing us some pictures of the areas to be treated.

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