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Cosmetic Surgery

Why should I use Beauty in Prague services?
Hundreds of satisfied clients choose our services and are happy with the results. Beauty in Prague offers cosmetic surgery procedures of high quality with the best Prague plastic surgeons, which are completed with personal, friendly approach to clients and individual post-operative aftercare.
Does Beauty in Prague team and the surgeons speak English?
All members of our patient coordinators team and plastic surgeons were chosen emphatically on the fact, that especially because you are coming for cosmetic surgery abroad, they have to speak English, so they can understand your needs, requirements and are able to make you feel comfortable.
Are there any extra bonuses, which Beauty in Prague offers?
Yes, at Beauty in Prague we offer unique approach to our clients. Our team of patience coordinators are here for you from the moment you arrive at the Prague airport, accompany you to the surgery, visit you at the clinic, and take you to check-ups. They are at your disposal 24/7. Due to this friendly attitude our clients highly recommend our services. As another extra bonus is free transfer from the clinic to the apartment and vice versa.
Why is the plastic and cosmetic surgery up to 60% cheaper?
You can save up to 60% of your cosmetic surgery costs in Prague. This does not mean that the quality of the cosmetic surgery procedures or qualifications of the plastic surgeons is lower. This is caused due to the lower costs of living and salaries of plastic surgeons and medical staff.
What exactly is listed in the price of the cosmetic surgery procedure?
Our cosmetic surgery prices are all-included. They consist of consultation with plastic surgeon, full examination of GP, pre-operative tests incl. blood tests and ECG, the surgery, all medication, 1–4 nights at the clinic (if required), all post-operative treatments incl. check-ups and stitches removal, dressing and surgical wear and the support garment worn after the cosmetic surgery.
Are your Prague plastic surgeons experienced?
Cosmetic and plastic surgery is strictly regulated by The Czech Medical Chamber. Unlike in the UK where such surgery can perform every general surgeon, in the Czech Republic only a specialist cosmetic/plastic surgeon is granted a license to perform cosmetic and plastic surgery. He/She can apply for a license from The Czech Medical Chamber after fulfilling 6 years of Medical Studies and graduating with medical degree has performed 3 years of praxis at general surgery and on top of that 5 years of specialized praxis at certified department of cosmetic and plastic surgery. All of our Prague plastic surgeons are certified.
Is the clinic clean? I am worried about infection
The clinic has to follow the strict hygienic rules set up by Czech Republic and European Union. Our cosmetic surgery clinic has 0 MRSA rate and is every month supervised by Czech sanitary supervision.
Were there any English or Irish clients who used your services?
Majority of our clients are English and Irish. Please read what they said in Client Testimonials. After completed your free consultation we will provide you with their phone numbers so you might ask anything you are interested in.
Can I speak to any of your previous clients?
Yes, of course. Our clients are happy to share their experience with you and answer all your questions. Right now please check our Client’s Testimonials. After completing your free consultation we will provide you with phone numbers from our clients who underwent cosmetic surgery with us.
How safe is the general anaesthetic?
The anaesthetist team at the clinic uses the newest and well-proven kinds of medicines and substances available and used in the UK and European Union. Meet our head anaesthetist Dr Tomas Zouhar MD before your arrival and find out why you should not worry.
Do I have to arrange a hotel for my recovery stay in Prague?
After the required days spent at the cosmetic surgery clinic you will be released to your apartment. Our pleasant and comfortable apartments would help you to recover to the best of your strengths. Team of Beauty in Prague would be at your disposal 24/7 to be contacted in case of any question or assistance.
Does the price quoted include all taxes?
Yes, all the taxes are included in the prices listed on our website.
Do I need to pay a deposit for my cosmetic surgery before I arrive to Prague?
Yes. After you have completed your free consultation we will send you cosmetic surgery package with the most effective cosmetic surgery procedure advised for you by plastic surgeon with additional information regarding your stay in Prague and the whole process. Once you confirm the appointment, we will send you a booking form and ask you to pay a deposit of 300 GBP. This deposit will be send to the clinic and the appointment will be booked for you. The payment can be send via bank transfer or by a credit card.
How do I pay for my cosmetic surgery?
After your payment of 300 GBP deposit has been received the invoice will be sent to you by e-mail. The original copy will be sent to you by a post or given at your arrival in Prague – depending on your preferences. The rest of the payment is paid after initial consultation with plastic surgeon in Prague by cash – GBP, Czech Koruna or a credit/debit card. In case you will be processing the payment for the rest of your cosmetic surgery package by a credit/debit card the amount will be debited in local currency (Czech Korunas). The exchange rate fluctuates and it is published that day by the main Czech Banks. Often the daily exchange rate will effect the amount shown on your statement, when back in the UK, in GBP. (No other charges will apply). That´s why we are not able to guarantee that the amount which will be charged from your credit card will be the price in GBP on which we have agreed. This amount can be guaranteed only if paying by cash in GBP (bank notes must be in a great condition without and parts missing and there must not be any harm on the drawing of the Queen = this banknotes are not accepted by Czech banks) Please bear in mind, we, nor the clinic can be held responsible for the exchange rates given by your card issuer. Please be aware of the fact, that we do not take Scottish Pounds, travellers or any other cheques.
How do I get from the airport to the apartment?
The airport transfer can be arranged for you at a cost of 20 GBP/way. During the drive to the apartment which usually takes 15–20 minutes, you will be once again explained the program of the following day as you will be undergoing pre-operational tests in the morning and in the afternoon your cosmetic surgery procedure.
If I´m not 18, can my friend be my legal guardian to allow me to have the cosmetic surgery?
If you are not 18 years old yet one of your parents or your legal representative has to accompany you and has to sign an agreement with the cosmetic surgery treatment.
Can I stay in Prague less than minimum time recommended by plastic surgeon?
The minimum stay in Prague advised by plastic surgeon in free consultation can not be shorten due to the high possibility of complication during early days after cosmetic surgery.
May a family member or a friend stay with me on the day of my surgery?
Yes, you can be accompanied by someone for the pre-operative tests and the consultation. However, when you will be hospitalized your friend/relative will have to leave and we will inform him about the process of your surgery. He/She might visit you once you wake up after general anaesthetic and you will feel better. You can also provide us with any phone numbers, e-mails of your relatives or friends whom you wish us to inform about the success of your surgery. You can have your mobile phone at the recovery room.
Is there anything that I do need to bring with me at the clinic?
You will obtain a dressing gown and slippers at the clinic. You will not need any nightdress or pyjamas as due to strict hygienic regulation you will obtain special dress provided by clinic. The only recommended items to bring along are books and magazines. These can be for your amusement in case you would have to stay at the clinic for longer than one night.
Are there any restrictions or advice before undergoing surgery?
You should have your last meal at least 6 hours before your cosmetic surgery. In the morning of the surgery day you should not be having any meals, coffee or tea. It is strongly recommended only to drink water as consumption of any food or mentioned beverages might affect the blood results, cause complications during the surgery or awake from general anaesthetic with stomach sickness.
What about post-operational aftercare?
After your surgery and stay at the clinic you will be released to apartment for recovery. Depends on the cosmetic surgery you will be given from the plastic surgeon you will be given a kit with medication – free antibiotics, anti-inflammatory tablets, disinfecting spray, bandages and pain killers. Every 2–3 days we will arrange and take you for a free check-up and exchanging bandages by your plastic surgeon. This transfer is free and you will be accompanied by one of our patient coordinators. If you are staying until the stitches are removed your plastic surgeon will remove them free of charge. Otherwise you will have to arrange the stitches removal by yourself in the UK or come back to Prague.
During recovery time in Prague how do I reach plastic surgeon?
During your stay in Prague you will be in a close and frequented contact with our patience coordinator and also your plastic surgeon, who you will see during your free check-ups. In case of emergencies you will contact your patience coordinator who will immediately visit you with your plastic surgeon.
How long after my surgery am I able to go out sightseeing?
This decision is on plastic surgeon that will be performing your cosmetic surgery. He will advise you on post-operative aftercare and based on your recovery he will recommend you since when and for how long it is fine to go sightseeing.
What if I can not afford to stay in Prague until the stitches removal?
In this case you could come back to Prague – it is sufficient to come in the morning and leave in the afternoon. The stitches removal is for free and free are also transfers from the airport to the clinic and back. All you pay is the flight ticket and in 90 minutes you are in Prague.
What will happen if a correction is needed?
In case of unlike correction this can be performed free of charge or at correction fee (around 100 GBP-200 GBP), which goes toward the anaesthetic, pre-operative tests, overnight stay at the clinic etc.
I am considering undergoing cosmetic surgery in Tunisia or South Africa
Being able to combine your surgery with holiday under the sun seems to be at first like a good idea. However, after the surgery you will be strictly advised by plastic surgeons to avoid the direct sun for at least 2 months after the surgery. In hot climate there is a higher risk of catching infection. After most of the surgeries you will be advised to wear supportive underwear. This will not feel very comfortable in hot weather.