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FAQ frequently asked questions

  • Body part:

Can I trust plastic surgeon abroad?
  • To trust your plastic surgeon is one of the keys to sucessful surgery. Your plastic surgeon abroad should not be only fully registered, experienced, but he also should be able to understand your requirements and advise you on realistic expectations and possible risks.
  • You should be aware of plastic surgeons who will operate you at any conditions and when your plastic surgery abroad provider has not offered you any contact nubmers of his previous patients.
  • Our Prague plastic surgeons are very well known as highly professional specialists who are trying to find a tailor made solution to your problem.
  • You can visit our written Cosmetic Surgery Client Testimonials or watch Cosmetic Surgery Video Testimonial to find out more about our happy and now also confident clients.
Cosmetic surgery abroad procedures
  • Liposuction abroad
  • Tummy tuck abroad (ABDOMINOPLASTY ABROAD)
  • Facelift abroad
  • Neck lift abroad
  • Brow lift abroad
  • Ear cosmetic surgery abroad (OTOPLASTY ABROAD)
  • Breast enlargement abroad (BREAST AUGMENTATION ABROAD)
  • Breast reduction abroad
  • Breast uplift abroad
  • Breast implants abroad
  • Male breast reduction abroad (GYNECOMASTIA)
How to know the cosmetic surgery clinic abroad is of the highest standards?
  • To learn more information about the clinic´s standards you can simply speak to the previous patients who underwent surgery with your cosmetic surgery abroad provider.
  • We will provide you with the phone numbers after you complete our free cosmetic surgery consultation.
How to compare cosmetic surgery prices abroad?

With cosmetic surgery prices abroad you have to take in account what is included in the price of treatment.

  • Is it only the price for surgery itself?
  • Is it whole cosmetic surgery package?
  • What is included in the cosmetic surgery package?

It is important to find out the final cost when choosing the provider of your cosmetic surgery abroad.

At Beauty in Prague our price of cosmetic surgery is including

  • Consultation with Prague Plastic Surgeon
  • Full Examination by General Practitioner and Pre-operative Tests
  • Cosmetic Surgery Procedure
  • General and/or Local Anaesthetic, all Medication
  • 1–4 Nights at the Clinic (if the surgery is performed under general anaesthetic)
  • Post-operative Aftercare, Check-ups and Stitches Removal
  • Support Garment worn after Cosmetic Surgery

On top of that you will have to book your flights, which price starts at GBP 50 for a return flight from most of the UK and Irish airports.

We also offer airport transfer from and to Prague airport at the cost of GBP 20/way.

These are all the costs, which are included in your cosmetic surgery package once you complete our Free cosmetic surgery consultation.

How to choose my cosmetic surgery abroad?
  • The decision about the right treatment for you should be made before your arrival, so you know which cosmetic surgery procedure you are indicated to, how many days you should stay at the clinic and in your cosmetic surgery abroad destination, what is the cosmetic surgery cost, when you are able to return back to the UK, when you can start working again, etc.
  • That is also why Beauty in Prague offers Free cosmetic surgery consultation, when you just fill in our Medical Questionnaire online and send us some photos of the areas to be treated. We will respond to you shortly with all necessary information as cosmetic surgery advice from our Prague plastic surgeons, costs, phone numbers of our previous clients from the UK and Ireland.
  • The final decision about the type of cosmetic surgery procedure is made at your initial consultation with your Prague plastic surgeon at the clinic before your surgery.
Cheap cosmetic surgery abroad?
  • The cheapest cosmetic surgery abroad might not be the best solution. Due to the cutting the cosmetic surgery cost you as a patient might be lacking something – the qualification of the plastic surgeon, not all the costs are included in your cosmetic surgery package, etc.
  • To believe the promises that you are offered cheap cosmetic surgery abroad with the best plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgery clinic is a little bit naive.
  • At Beauty in Prague we do not consider our cosmetic surgery abroad as a cheap cosmetic surgery abroad. We like to present our cosmetic surgery abroad as an affordable one with fully registered Prague plastic surgeons.
  • Many of our patiens say they would be never able to afford the surgery in the UK, however with our affordable cosmetic surgery prices they were able to boost their confidence.
  • We are very proud we are providing first class cosmetic surgery abroad with the Prague best plastic surgeons at affordable price.
Is cosmetic surgery abroad safe?
  • When you are deciding about your provider of cosmetic surgery abroad you have to take in account you have to find someone who really cares for you during your stay abroad and your health comes first.
  • Often during consideration about cosmetic surgery abroad it is normal to worry about our own safety, especially when you can read stories about bad plastic surgery. Just as it happens in the UK where the surgery was not a success, you can find such cases anywhere in the world. This is the reason why you as a client has to be sure you are quaranteed safe plastic surgery abroad secured by pre-operative tests, qualified plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgery clinic with 0 MRSA rate.
  • It is very important you will choose the right place, where plastic surgeon will operate on you only if you are 100% healthy. Otherwise there is a high risk of complications during the surgery or post-operative period.
  • In order to offer our clients safe cosmetic surgery abroad we organize thorough pre-operative tests when we can find out whether client is perfectly healthy or see whether we can do something to improve his health conditions before the surgery.
  • It is standard at Beauty in Prague that after completing our Free Cosmetic Surgery Consultation we offer every client telephone contacts on our previous clients from the UK, who are happy to speak to you about their experience. This way you can reassure yourself whether you feel you have chosen safe cosmetic surgery abroad.
Is cosmetic surgery abroad for me?
  • Even though cosmetic surgery abroad has many advantages you will have to be open to yourself and consider every angle of the decision to undergo your surgery abroad.
  • Undergoing cosmetic surgery abroad will put a little more pressure on you comparing if you would undergo your sugery back in the UK.
  • The best way how to find out whether cosmetic surgery abroad is an option for you is to get as much information as you need – read written Cosmetic Surgery Client Testimonials or watch Cosmetic Surgery Video Testimonial. It is important to find out what was the experience of previous patients and whether you like what they said.
  • Getting to know what is going to happen will prepare you better for the new enviroment and will give you more confidence with the decison about your cosmetic surgery abroad.
Why is Prague one of the most sought – after cosmetic surgery abroad destinations?
  • Cosmetic surgery in Prague is very well known for highly qualified plastic surgeons, spotlessly clean clinics and many facilities for great recovery abroad.
  • Being only 1hour 30 minutes away by plane from most of airports in the UK or Ireland makes Prague an ideal place to choose for your cosmetic surgery abroad especially when the surgery prices are half to what you would pay back in the UK.
Why go abroad for cosmetic surgery?
  • Cosmetic surgery abroad and plastic surgery abroad can offer you many benefits. The biggest advantage is that you will save up to 60% on cosmetic surgery prices comparing to costs in the UK.
  • The second, very important factor is that you will have your privacy here in Prague. Many of our clients prefer to undergo their operation abroad as they do not wish to be seen by their relatives during their recovery period. Safe recovery abroad is provided by our team here in Prague.
  • It is also not a big secret that many of our patiens from Great Britain decided to undergo their cosmetic surgery abroad with Beauty in Prague because of high MRSA rate in the UK. Our cosmetic surgery clinic has 0 MRSA rate.
  • It is very important to make the right choice when considering cosmetic surgery abroad – the right choice of the provider of your cosmetic surgery abroadcosmetic surgery clinic and plastic surgeon abroad so you are in a safe enviroment with specialists who will provide you with great results.
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