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Plastic surgeon

Josef Kulhánek

Dr. Josef Kulhánek, M.D.

Hayleigh, UK (Breast Augmentation, Liposuction Review)

  • „I contacted Beauty in Prague for liposuction to my inner thighs…and tummy. I also had at the same time a breast augmentation with Dr Joseph Kulhanek.“
  • „I was so scared as I was travelling alone and i missed my family and friends and this caused most of my stress but the staff were kind caring and considerate in more ways that i could imagine.“
  • “After my pre-op i was taken into theatre and when i woke up the pain was very uncomfortable but the staff gave me strong pain releif and after 3 nights was transfered into my apartment that was a penthouse building just 10 mins wal away from the clinic…. I however had ushered lifts every few days for check-ups etc…. Because of the extent of the surgery that i had i wish i had taken somebody with me to assist with everyday essentials ie food getting dressed etc….. And if i return in the future I will bring along a friend to help take care of me…… I have lots of swelling and pain but Dr Joseph assured me that this was normal and i was pleased when i was told that there was no complications and that the pain was normal for this type of cosmetic surgery.
  • „I am due to fly home tomorrow to finish my recovery at home….. Thank you Beauty in Prague for everything you did to help me acheive my new body and i will send you a follow up report after 3 months with pictures to let you know the results of my transformation once the swelling has gone down and my breasts have settled…. I went from a 36b to a 36cc……Fingers crossed and cant wait for the new bikini this summer….“
cosmetic-surgery-UK-Ireland-Prague-czech Only 1hr 30min
from the UK
cosmetic-surgery-support-clinic-prague-abroad English speaking
Plastic surgeons
cosmetic-surgery-price-prague Save upto 60%
on UK prices
cosmetic-surgery-review-prague-abroad 35 000 clients
and 20 years experience
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