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Anthony Elflain (Facelift, Eyelid surgery Review)


Plastic surgeon

Hubert Topinka

Dr. Hubert Topinka, M.D.

Anthony Elflain (Facelift, Eyelid surgery Review)

„People told me that I looked really tired before. Now, even the ones who advised me not to do it have changed their minds. I can’t think of anything that’s not been perfect about the experience.“

„Everyone involved was friendly and helpful. The surgery was excellent and I would recommend Beauty in Prague to my friends.“

Anthony´s positive experience with his cosmetic surgery abroad with Beauty in Prague was also published in the newspaper The Times in the UK Medical tourism: the pros and cons.

Medical tourism: the pros and cons

by Mark Bridge, The Times, October 13, 2007

Anthony Elflain, of Bedford, was shocked when he saw the photographs of his and Arthur Sullivan’s civil partnership ceremony in December 2005. “I looked knackered,” he says The 49-year-old human resources consultant decided that a faceliftnecklift and eyelid surgery would help, and set to comparing prices in the UK and abroad. He found that prices at home ranged from £9,000 to £13,400.

Unimpressed, he did some research online and decided that the Czech Republic offered a safe, cheap, alternative. He compared clinics at and checked credentials with the Czech Medical Chamber.

In August he travelled to Prague, paying £4,400 for flights, accommodation and surgery at the Beauty in Prague cosmetic surgery clinic. He bought standard travel cover with the understanding that his insurer would not pay out if the operation went wrong.

The surgery was a success and Mr Elflain was able to enjoy the rest of his 23-day stay in Prague. He says that his GP was happy with the results and there have been no complications. “I would definitely recommend it,” he says.

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