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Prices for Cosmetic Surgery in the UK and Abroad

23. 3. 2009
, Prices for Cosmetic Surgery in the UK and Abroad

Prices for Cosmetic Surgery in the UK and abroad

Prices for cosmetic surgery in the UK are for many people not affordable. Cheap cosmetic surgery abroad might be an option as one of the most important questions you need to ask when looking into any type of cosmetic surgery is “how much will it cost.” If money is no object, then great!

However, for most of us, the cost of cosmetic surgery is extremely important in deciding whether or not cosmetic surgery is right for you.

Comparing prices for Cosmetic Surgery in the UK and abroad

Below we have listed what you can expect when it comes to prices for cosmetic surgery in UK and abroad. This is just a rough estimate and not all costs will be considered; however, for anyone looking into the different types of cosmetic surgery, knowing the costs involved is the first step towards taking the leap. Furthermore, most health care plans do not cover the costs involved when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

Prices for Breast Cosmetic Surgeries in the UK and abroad:

  • For breast implants or breast enlargements in the UK, which are done while you are under local or general anesthetic, you can expect to pay around £3,400 to £5,000. Price for breast enlargement abroad with accredited silicone breast implants is £2,289.
  • For breast reduction surgery in the UK, expect price anywhere from £3,700 to £5,500. In Prague you will pay for breast reduction abroad only £2,259.
  • You can also expect around £3,500 to £5,000 for breast uplift surgery in the UK as well. If you choose to undergo your breast uplift abroad the price is only £2,259.

Prices for Facial Cosmetic Surgeries in the UK and abroad:

  • For those who are looking to correct their bat ears and considering ear cosmetic surgery in the UK, you can expect to pay around £1,000 to £2,800. For Otoplasty abroad you will pay only £999.
  • For eyelid surgery in the UK, which will reduce the excess skin and wrinkles around the eyes, the price is anywhere from £2,850 to £3,600. Eyebag removal abroad is at the cost of £969.
  • full facelift in the UK will set you back £4,200 to £6,000. The price for full facelift abroad is only £2,209.
  • For rhinoplasty surgery in the UK, or nose cosmetic surgery, you will pay around £3,000 to £4,000. Nose job abroad is at the cost £1,599.

Prices for Body contouring surgery in the UK and abroad:

  • Liposuction in the UK generally costs around £3,000 to £5,000 depending on how excessive the surgery will be and how much fat you want to lose. Liposuction abroad can help you to improve your body for as little as £1,399.
  • tummy tuck in the UK usually costs around £4,000 to £6,000 and also depends on the person’s expectations and body type. With Beauty in Prague you can enjoy your flat tummy with tummy tuck abroad for the price £1,699.

For some, the price for cosmetic surgery in the UK is nothing compared to the results. One of the best places for cosmetic surgery abroad is Beauty in Prague. Not only are the procedures affordable, they are safe!

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