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Plastic Surgery recovery abroad

30. 5. 2014
, Plastic Surgery recovery abroad

Plastic Surgery, or more correctly, Plastic Surgical Operations, live on the edge of your blood supply. This is important to understand for a good recovery after a plastic surgery procedure.

What we are doing with plastic surgery is changing the shape of different areas of the body. In order to accomplish these changes in shapes, we need to move skin or other tissues around, sometimes over significant distances. When we do this we change the blood supply to these tissues.

Why Cigarette Smoke Hinders Good Plastic Surgery

When surgeons are doing any Plastic Surgery operations, they are really operating at the limit of what the circulation to the skin and other tissues will allow; living on the edge so to speak. But, in order to have adequate circulation, they must not only leave enough blood vessels intact, but must also make sure that the blood flows through these blood vessels is sufficient. Certain things can affect this blood flow and the biggest and baddest of these is cigarette smoke. Although nicotine in the cigarette smoke is the most dangerous element, the carbon monoxide and the hydrogen cyanide don’t help much either.

Nicotine Prevents Healing Well

Nicotine causes the blood vessels to constrict which means they decrease in their size (diameter) and the blood flow thorough them drops off. The nicotine can also make the blood clot more easily which can further clog small blood vessels and capillaries. All in all, these effects are extremely serious because they decrease the blood supply to the tissues, can result in wounds not healing and can result in some devastating complications.

Smoking’s Par­ticular Impact On Plastic Surgery Recovery

Many people who smoke tell their surgeon that they have never had healing problems before, so why should it be a problem now? Let’s go back to living on the edge. What we are doing when we are moving tissue around in Plastic Surgery operations, is much different than say, in a Hysterectomy. It is different because in this operation, the tissues are not moved around in the same way and the blood supply to the skin is not altered. Now, we are not saying that you won’t have a complication with a Hysterectomy if you smoke, but you are at greater risk with some of the operations that we do here at Beauty in Prague

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