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Need help choosing the right breast implant size? Why not try the rice test?

13. 6. 2014

If you are considering a breast augmentation then choosing the right implants is a very important decision. A given implant size might end up being a C cup on one woman’s frame and a B cup on someone else’s.

You have to look at your own individual factors such as body frame and personal desires. Even though you try on implant sizes during your consultation it is always a good idea to do more research on the size you would like so you are more comfortable with your decision.

So how do you figure out what size is most comfortable for you?

Try some new breasts on for size using the rice test. For this test you will need an old pair of tights, rice (uncooked) and scales.

1. Weigh out the required rice, for example if your implant is 295cc then weigh out 295grams of rice, if 410cc weigh out 410 grams of rice.

2. Fill the tights with the amount of rice you have chosen, remember to do 2, and secure tightly. Remember to try and create the implant shape.

3. Place the “implant” into a sports bra or unpadded bra. You should wear them while you engage in all your usual daily activities whilst paying attention to how they look and feel.

4. If you don’t like the first size or want to experiment with other sizes then pour out the rice, re-measure and add the new amount. Then you can repeat step 3.

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