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Medications during post operative period

28. 3. 2008

You decided to undergo cosmetic surgery abroad and quite often you do not know what kind of medicines you will be prescribed after the surgery. We have asked our Prague plastic surgeons which type of medicines they give to the clients after the cosmetic surgery and we have prepared for you a small description of them.


Our Prague plastic surgeons use Augmentin 625mg as an antibiotic after all bigger cosmetic surgeries such as a Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction, Breast Enlargement etc.

Reducing post operative swelling

For reducing of swelling after every cosmetic surgery you will be required to use Aescin tablets.

Care and healing after blepharoplasty

After Eyelid Surgery you will use a well-known Visine drops, because sometimes the eyes are dry after the surgery; and also laser cream on the part where the CO2 laser was used.

Scar healing process

For healing of scars on your eyelids our Prague plastic surgeon will provide you with Opthalmo-septonex or Opthalmo-framykoin cream.

Care after rhinoplasty

After Nose Surgery on the area where the stitches are, sometimes the skin is dry and this can be reduced by using Opthalmo-Azulen cream.

All these medicines are well-known in the Czech Republic and our clients have not had any side effects after using these medicines. The costs for these medicines are already included in the price for the surgery.

Beauty in Prague aim is to make your cosmetic surgery abroad as safe as possible.

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