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Free Prague Guide

28. 2. 2006

Prague’s atmos­phere is both intimate and romantic, and quite impossible to forget once you visit. For your better orientation we will give you Prague City Guide at your arrival.

This Prague City Guide begins with brief history of the City with „Following the Footsteps of the History“.

Tips for sightseeing the city include:

  • The First Old Town Walk
  • The Second Old Town Walk
  • The Third Old Town Walk
  • The First New Town Walk
  • The Second New Town Walk
  • The First Lesser Town Walk
  • The Second Lesser Town Walk
  • The First Hrad?any Walk
  • The Second Hrad?any Walk
  • Vyšehrad Walk

Every Walk is described with a small map and description about the most interesting history events, places and buildings in this area of Prague. The most important of them are pictured on the photographs.

With the Prague City guide you will receive an extra city map 1:10 000 scale with street index. The map of underground is also included.

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