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Five spots you never knew could have Liposuction

16. 5. 2014

It is hard to say whether it is our tendency to focus on imperfection or some other quirk of humanity but when it comes to our appearance, it is the little things that tend to feel the most irritated and self-conscious about. Those small, isolated problem spots often continue nagging at us, even after accomplishing major weight loss or other fitness goals, even when we are otherwise happy with our appearance.

In some cases, liposuction can be an ideal way to address these problem areas. By specifically targeting the areas that bother you the most, liposuction can help your body look amazing in five places you never expected.

Your Jawline

  • The earliest signs of jowls can make you look prematurely aged, as can the fatty deposits that cause a double chin. Slimming the jawline, under the chin and through the upper neck with liposuction can help you look thinner and may also take years off of your appearance.

Your Body

  • Even naturally slender women may feel embarrassed about fattiness in the back and upper torso, specifically those small bulging areas that sneak out around bras and swimsuit tops. Some well-targeted body contouring can eliminate these trouble spots for smoother, uninterrupted curves.


  • Usually, the transition from calf to ankle is trim and elegant, except when you have Cankles. An ankle that lacks graceful lines can be made shapelier with the help of leg liposuction.

Your Breasts

  • Concern over potential scarring may leave some women hesitant to consider Surgical Breast Reduction. Liposuction offers a solution to sculpt away excess fatty tissue for a svelter silhouette. Keep in mind though, that liposuction is better for subtle reshaping rather than significant reduction.

The Male Chest

  • Women are not the only ones who may feel uncomfortable about their breast size. Many men suffer from Gynecomastia. This is the development of male breasts that becomes more common with age-related hormonal changes. Liposuction can reveal more muscular definition to the male chest for a firmer, more streamlined torso.

If you’re happy overall with your body but the feeling of frustration over stubborn spots sounds all too familiar, it might be time to schedule a consultation with a board certified Plastic Surgeon. Together, you can develop a treatment approach to make the most out of your existing assets, and eliminate those little imperfections for good.

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