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Beauty in Prague: restoring breasts to their perky past

30. 5. 2014
, Beauty in Prague: restoring breasts to their perky past

Are push-ups and chest presses at the gym the key to restoring saggy breasts to their perky past?

Though there are lots (and lots and lots) of „exercises“ and contraptions that claim to strengthen the chest and surrounding muscles, nothing short of surgery will help droopy boobs revert to their former upright and youthful glory. Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear, ladies! Below we set straight the five biggest saggy boob myths:

Myth 1: Pectoral exercises like bench pressing will stop the droop.

While these exercises can definitely enhance tone, they can’t change the shape or positioning of the breasts. The truth is, a Breast Lift is the only viable option for returning breasts to their previous height.

Myth 2: Breasts droop because of too much bouncing around.

Breasts sag because supporting ligaments and skin stretch out over time, not because you’ve been killin’ it in your Zumba classes. Gravity also has a big part to play in sagging of the breasts.

Myth 3: Breast size stays constant throughout a woman’s lifetime.

Not true! In addition to pregnancy and breast-feeding, breast size can increase or decrease with hormonal, weight and lifestyle changes.

Myth 4. Implants alone will give you lift.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Fullness comes from an implant. If you go with an implant alone or put one above the muscle trying to get a lift without doing a lift, you will be disappointed in the final shape. In other words, only a lift will give you a lift.

Myth 5: Creams, potions, lotions, and supplements can restore

breast firmness and perkiness.

Please, please, please don’t waste any of your time or money on creams, ‚all natural supplements,‘ or exercise routines that promise to give you beautiful breasts.

So even if your breasts look as though they have been run through a pasta press, their sag is a natural part of the aging process that can be fixed with surgery, breasts sag over time because the support structure (composed of the skin and connective tissue within the breast) loses integrity. There is no cream, vitamin, or exercise that will restore this lost integrity.

So what can you do to keep perky breasts perky?

  • Invest in a properly fitted bra
  • Keep your weight stable — fluctuation can lead to sagging
  • Sleep on your back, and avoid putting too much weight on your front side
  • Keep breasts moisturized and always use sunscreen
  • Maintain good posture
  • Exercise regularly

And if (and when) the girls do head south, don’t hesitate to nab a really great push-up bra if you’re not ready for surgery.

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