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How to choose my cosmetic surgery abroad?

15. 1. 2018
  • The decision about the right treatment for you should be made before your arrival, so you know which cosmetic surgery procedure you are indicated to, how many days you should stay at the clinic and in your cosmetic surgery abroad destination, what is the cosmetic surgery cost, when you are able to return back to the UK, when you can start working again, etc.
  • That is also why Beauty in Prague offers Free cosmetic surgery consultation, when you just fill in our Medical Questionnaire online and send us some photos of the areas to be treated. We will respond to you shortly with all necessary information as cosmetic surgery advice from our Prague plastic surgeons, costs, phone numbers of our previous clients from the UK and Ireland.
  • The final decision about the type of cosmetic surgery procedure is made at your initial consultation with your Prague plastic surgeon at the clinic before your surgery.
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