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Cosmetic Surgery and Dealing with the Issue of Identity Crisis

9. 4. 2012

Undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure is a way to improve your thoughts about your own body, which will go a long way in giving your self-confidence a real boost. However, some psychologists also believe too much plastic surgery can actually lead to identity crisis. According to Dr. Vivian Diller, a psychologist and author, some patients who undergo major appearance-changing procedures tend to think that the imperfection has now become a part of their identity, which may lead to serious identity crisis.

As reported in the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, the psychologists also believe that the problem occurs when people overlook the new changes made to the facial characteristics. For instance, some people recognize others with their small eyes or thick lips, and this identity suffers when these features are changed.

According to plastic surgeons, these problems may occur when person wants drastic changes in their appearance instead of just correcting a particular flaw. They believe that the best solution to this particular problem is to change your features gradually. Small surgeries over a period of time – like the way Mega Fox did it by undergoing different procedures from 2004 to 2011 – are easier to adapt.

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