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Lens Replacement surgery, Cataract surgery, ReLex SMILE laser eye surgery

Welcome to our esteemed partner, the state-of-the-art Eye Center in Prague. As a premier destination for eye care, we’re proud to specialize in Lens Replacement surgery, Cataract surgery, and ReLex SMILE laser eye surgery. Rest assured, we understand your concerns about finding the right eye clinic abroad, which is why we’ve partnered with this top-notch facility to provide you with the highest standard of care.

With a focus on serving clients from abroad, including the UK, Ireland, and the USA, we prioritize your safety, comfort, and satisfaction above all else. Our renowned eye surgeons and cutting-edge technology ensure that you receive world-class treatment tailored to your unique needs.

With over 100,000 successful surgeries performed, our eye clinic stands as a beacon of excellence in Prague and the Czech Republic. Whether you’re seeking to regain clarity of vision with Lens Replacement surgery, addressing cataracts with Cataract surgery, or opting for the precision of Relex SMILE laser eye surgery, trust us to guide you on your journey to optimal eye care. We specialize in surgical interventions aimed at transforming your vision and enhancing your quality of life.

ReLex SMILE surgery

ReLEx SMILE is the latest 3rd generation laser technology, the less invasive way to treat short-sightedness and astigmatism. The ideal candidates are younger patients between 18 and 45 years of age. The procedure is carried out exclusively with one femtosecond laser (Visumax by Carl Zeiss).  Patients can see after the surgery, the eyes will be not covered, so the treatment is suitable for single travelers too.

Contact us via email or Whatsapp:  +420 775 178 715 . 

from 1,000 £
price in UK starts at £ 3,250 More info
Sean (UK) – ReLex SMILE laser eye surgery

Sean (UK) – ReLex SMILE laser eye surgery

I’m from Liverpool, northwest of England and yeah, I thought I’d come to Prague because I was recommended the service here for the Relex Smile laser surgery. I’ve been wearing glasses for 20 years. I want to change it now. I didn’t want to wear glasses anymore. I’m really happy with the results. It’s a lot better than wearing glasses. And what the clinic has provided. So basically I would recommend this treatment to anyone. I think it’s a 10/10. Very professional. Marie, a patient coordinator, has been very helpful too.

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Lens Replacement Surgery & Cataract Surgery (RLE - Refractive Lens Exchange, Monofocal, Trifocal & Multifocal Lens Implants )

Become glasses independent with our Lens Replacement surgery abroad. With over 100,000 treatments peformed by experienced Eye Microsurgeons we guarantee a safe treatment on your eyes at affordable prices starting at £875 (950€) per eye. With Prague being only 1hr 30 min by flight from the UK and Ireland, you can combine your stay with holidays. Both eyes are operated on the same day. You need to stay 5-6 days in Prague to undergo thorough examinations, surgery and check-ups.

Completely painless surgery helps correct long or short sight and cataract using an intraocular lens. We use only premium monofocal, trifocal and multifocal lenses from german producer Zeiss and american Lenstec. Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) replaces your natural lens with an artificial one. Thanks to modern medicine and the latest technologies, it is now one of the safest surgeries ever; it practically doesn’t require any major limitation of the patient before and after the surgery. The Lens Replacement surgery in the course of which an Eye Surgeon replaces the clouded lens with an artificial one is performed on the outpatient’s basis. The procedure in Prague itself takes only 10-15 minutes, the patient can see already after the surgery, so you can arrive to Prague on your own.

Contact us via email or Whatsapp:  +420 775 178 715

from 875 £
price in UK starts at £ 3000 More info
Oksana W. (UK) – Lens Replacement surgery review

Oksana W. (UK) – Lens Replacement surgery review

“Recently returned home after having tri-focal lens replacement. All journey was very good. Happy with result. Don’t need glasses any more. Highly recommended, Don’t linger do it!”

(Google Review, June 3rd 2023)

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