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Eye surgeon

Jiri Pasta

Doc. MUDr. Jiri Pasta, CSc., FEBO

Neil M. (UK) – Trifocal Lens Replacement surgery review

“I booked for this operation around two months ago and this week I travelled to Prague in order to go through the process to see if I was initially able to have this operation on the Monday. Let me first say the efficiency of the staff to arrange taxis to and from the airport and to and from the clinic is impressive in itself, not just for me but all the other patients and shouldn’t go unnoticed as I believe the UK wouldn’t cope with this type of organisation. The staff involved from the back office staff, the nurses, surgeon (George) and the patient co-ordinators are simply exceptional. I was able to have the operation after spending around 3 hours on the Monday being put on various machines and tests being undertaken along with a more traditional eye test as we know it with an optician. In short I was told that I was suitable for the operation and therefore made my payment prior to leaving on the Monday and then had the Tuesday off and back into the clinic on Wednesday morning for operating day.

Again, efficiency is order of the day and there is no hanging around. I was called into a pre op waiting area for all the necessary anaesthetic drops to be given prior to the operation. Impressive again.

The operation itself lasted around 20-25 and being instructed by the surgeon George who is a kind gent with your best interests at heart but was a little frightening initially as you have to follow his orders like look into his light, keep both eyes open so he can do his work.

The first eye was frustrating for him more than me but once that was done the second eye was much more straightforward. Then I was out of the clinic and back to the hotel all within 3 hours of arrival. I was given drops to put into the eyes several times a day.

Back to the clinic the following morning at around 8am and a couple of checks on the machines and another with the optician for a more traditional test and again back to the hotel within 90 mins and they were happy. My sight was deemed good enough and the operation a success in principal.

I write this around an hour after arriving home and although I can see (thank god) whether the operation is a long success depends on time and letting the eyes heal by following the orders given. The purpose for me was being glasses free for work mainly so time will tell.

What I can say with much confidence is that the early signs are good and I hope as time goes by and re-training the eyes with my new trifocal lenses and as my eyes heal things get better and better. If you are considering this operation at Beauty in Prague then let me put your mind at rest by telling you that you get this operation at probably half the cost of UK prices by the time you add on flights and hotel costs and this is done by people who are professional and efficient.

Let me mention Tereza, who was on her first week and she made me feel reassured and I honestly thought she had been doing the job for a long time, she was that good. And a lovely lovely person too as was everyone there. I know it’s a worrying operation as we are dealing with our precious eyesight but trust them. They are fabulous people providing a fabulous service at what is essentially a fabulous cost and you get to see some of Prague too which is a bonus and a beautiful city.

My journey isn’t over as I’m just two days into my recovery but I have high hopes.

Thank you for everything Beauty in Prague. You didn’t let me down.”

(Trustpilot Review, October 15th 2023)

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