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Eye surgeon

Jiri Pasta

Doc. MUDr. Jiri Pasta, CSc., FEBO

Thomas R. (UK) – Lens Replacement surgery review

“I am a 58 year old male from the UK who has suffered from myopia (-5.25 and -5.75) since the age of 9. Contact lenses worked reasonably well but every spring I would have issues with hayfever and itchy eyes so I decided to get my eyes sorted once and for all.

Did quite a bit of research and reviews for Beauty in Prague were favourable so I booked my surgery for first week in December 2023.

I chose to stay at Letna Garden Suites, which is self-catering and like an Airbnb, about 15 min with taxi from the clinic.

Taxis to and from the airport as well as to and from the clinic were all included in the package (I booked before 1 July 2023 so got the old price of £3100 for multi-focal lenses in both eyes).

Pre-op consultation and examinations were done on the Monday. All professionally done and most of the staff spoke good English.

Tuesday off whilst waiting for the correct lenses to arrive, then surgery on the Wednesday morning.

I was given different anaesthetic drops prior to the surgery, which was completely painless; it is mildly unpleasant for someone like me who are not too keen on hospitals or surgeries in general, but fully bearable. It took 15-20 min all in all and the surgeon, Mr Jiri Pasta was a lovely, friendly and utterly professional.

Afterwards I had no vision on my right eye, only blur. My left eye had some vision, enough to find my way to the toilet for example, but not to read or use a mobile phone.

I was taken back to my flat, had a light meal and went to bed. Slept through the whole afternoon, evening and night, and woke up with clear vision. I was picked up by a taxi and taken to the clinic for a check-up. I had full vision on my left eye and about 0.75 on my right eye; however, close-up vision was better on my right eye and I could finally read small print on medicine bottles etc.

It is now 11 days since the surgery and I could not be happier with the outcome. The vision on my right eye is now virtually the same as on my left eye and I can still read small print. I am cautious when driving at night due to halos around streetlights and car lights, but this is expected to disappear within 1-2 months.

My only regret is that I did not have this surgery before as it is truly life-changing for me. A warm thank you to everyone at Beauty at Prague and a special thank you to Theresa and Barbora for organising everything and answering any questions promptly, and to Dr Pasta for his fine work!”

(Google Review, December 17th 2023)

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