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Jiri Pasta

Doc. MUDr. Jiri Pasta, CSc., FEBO

Ruth C. (UK) – Trifocal Lens Replacement surgery review

“I had trifocal toric lens replacement two weeks ago. I’ve been wearing glasses and contacts since the age of 17 and had both short and long sight with astigmatism in both eyes. It got to the point where I couldn’t comfortably see my computer screen and my contacts couldn’t be adjusted anymore. I’d been reviewed several years ago at a London clinic but it was way too expensive and they only did one eye at a time. I found Beauty in Prague after searching Google, looked at the reviews and prices (!!) and took the plunge and I’m so pleased I did. From start to finish they looked after everything, Nela arranged everything and answered my questions before travelling, then Beth contacted me the day before I travelled to introduce herself. I was met at the airport and transported to and from my accommodation and the clinic for every appointment (Beth made sure I had taxi reg details and ETAs etc). She met me at the clinic and explained everything to me (her English is brilliant). The treatment itself wasn’t painfull; they give you enough eye drops to sink a ship and I opted for a happy pill!! It was obviously scary and slightly uncomfortable, but it didn’t take long (about 15 minutes) and afterwards I had discomfort in one of my eyes for a few hours, which a couple of paracetamol sorted out. My sight it still settling down but I’ve been reassured it can take a while for the brain to adjust to the new lenses, and it is improving by the day. I’m so pleased I did it but couldn’t have done it without Beth’s support, kindness and constant reassurance. The fact it was a third of the uk price made it viable plus the fact both eyes are done at the same time was a bonus. I would highly recommend Beauty in Prague from start to finish they were excellent. They even sent me a link for a free 3 hour walking tour of Prague, which was brilliant.”

(Trustpilot Review, May 13th 2022)

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