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Eye surgeon

Jiri Pasta

Doc. MUDr. Jiri Pasta, CSc., FEBO

Paul A. (UK) – Trifocal Lens Replacement surgery review

“My eyesight had been deteriorating for over a year with increasing cataract formation. When my optician informed me that the NHS waiting time in my area was about 2 years, I set about to explore the options. Eyesight is precious and my first priority was to find the right centre of excellence to help resolve my problem. After a lot of research, I learned that the Czech Republic had an International reputation for advances in Ophthalmology. Through ‘Beauty in Prague’ I was directed to the lens replacement surgery service offered by the ‘Ocni Centrum Prague’ (OCP). This is a premier eye clinic, located in a new purpose-built centre, equipped with modern, state of the art equipment and well-staffed.

Email communication with Barbora of ‘Beauty in Prague’ was both helpful and very informative so, with some apprehension, I decided that this was the route which I would take. (I also found other reviews helpful and reassuring). I was given an approximate schedule for the entire process. On arrival at the airport a taxi had been sent to take me to my hotel. The patient co-ordinators (Tereza, Petra and Jan) were excellent and made sure that everything went as smoothly as possible. A taxi was sent to collect me for the first consultation. This was a thorough eye examination in which all the relevant measurements were taken to determine the optimum corrective procedure. The data were discussed with the ophthalmologist and, in my case, we decided that trifocal lens replacements in each eye was the best course of treatment. The custom made German lenses were ordered and in 2 days I was collected to undergo surgery. The eye surgeon, Dr Jiri Pasta, is an eminent specialist in this field with decades of experience and expertise. He was skilful and professional and reassured me at every step of the procedure. He was a perfect Gentleman! The process, about 15-20 minutes for each eye, was pain-free, though naturally some discomfort was unavoidable. I had vision immediately post-surgery, but found wearing sunglasses most helpful until later in the evening. Antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drops were provided.

The next morning a further, careful eye examination was carried out to ensure all was well. The service and care which I received throughout were outstanding. I have nothing but praise for the whole team. For me, the clinical process was the priority; the fact that the price was about half of the average in the UK was like the icing on the cake. If you are apprehensive, uncertain, or hesitant, about treatment in the OCP Prague, take it from me – don’t be! I have absolutely no regrets. I heartily recommend the entire team. I even had time to enjoy visiting the City’s historic sights. Outcome exceeded expectation and I am delighted to say that I have been able to write this review without the aid of spectacles. A big thank you to all at Prague!”

(Google Review, February 17th 2024)

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