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Jiri Pasta

Doc. MUDr. Jiri Pasta, CSc., FEBO

Pamela M. (IE) – Lens Replacement surgery review

“So I decided to have lens replacement surgery as I was not a suitable candidate for laser or lasik. As i looked around in Ireland the prices were astonishing..up at 10,000 euro as I also have astigmatism. The price I was quoted was approx €3100 but as I have astigmatism and they can only see that in the examination my price was €3700. So Beauty in Prague came up top of the list in internet searches and I was very happy with the reviews so I decided to book. My initial contact was with Nela who was very helpful with all the information I needed. You send over your eye perscription details and they let you know if surgery is possible. You don’t need to put a deposit down but to hold your appointment you do need to show confirmation of your flights which you can then book when Nela gives you dates to suit you. Its very simple..All consultations are on Monday morning and surgery is then Wednesday. Nela was fantastic answering any and all questions I had. So I booked my flights for Sunday 2nd January and arrived in Prague. I travelled alone as rules were changing all the time covid wise but this was no problem. I was met at the airport by a lovely driver to take me to my hotel(all transfers to and from the airport and to and from your appointments are included in your payment. I reccommend staying somewhere in Prague 1 as on your days off you can wander to the old town in 5 to 7 mins. I stayed at The Novometskey Hotel but it was quite basic..didn’t have tea or coffee facilities..brekkie not great..bed not great..but close to all the sights of Prague (another hotel around that area would be good)..Another lovely coordinator Beth contacted me Sunday night with my collection and appointment time for Monday. So on Monday morning I was collected by a driver and was met at the clinic by the wonderful Beth who helped me understand where to go and what to do. It was really comforting to have someone as lovely and kind as Beth beside you to help with translation,although everyone had pretty good English. And then off for your tests and they went great. You then pay for your surgery. My pupils were quite dilated after the tests but I could still walk around Prague with sunglasses on for the afternoon. Food here is quite cheap but stay away from anything around the square with big umbrella and pictures of food outside( total tourist traps with small print added extras) particular The Hotel Prague Inn..I was stung badly..the restaurants in the little side streets are great ! So another day off on Tuesday sightseeing and shopping which was wonderful as you can walk to everything and then collected Wednesday and met by the lovely Beth. I was led into a waiting room with other patients and prepared for the surgery with a sedative and rounds of drops..then into the surgery room where I met Dr Pasta who is very friendly and funny and explained everything that was going to happen. The surgery was very quick around 10/15 mins per eye and I felt no pain or discomfort at all. Incredibly I could see straight away !!! I went back to my hotel and rested for a couple of hours and went out later for dinner..It was wonderful to be without glasses finally !! I was met the following morning at the clinic by Beth and in we went for my final check up. My vision was so improved both long and short and a tweak to my drops and I was good to go ! Finally I said goodbye to the staff who were all so professional and polite and goodbye to the wonderful Beth who really made my time here go smoothly..she is also a truly kind and caring person and I cannot praise her enough ! I flew home that afternoon so the complete time used was 5 days ! My vision is fantastic..I am so happy with my results and the whole experience was great ! This service is so professional and I have already reccommend Beauty in Prague to clients and colleagues. Thank you Nela and of course Beth.”

(Trustpilot Review, January 11th 2022)

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