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Eye surgeon

Jiri Pasta

Doc. MUDr. Jiri Pasta, CSc., FEBO

Lorraine (UK) – Lens Replacement surgery review

Fabulous from start to finish. I had lens replacement surgery as I was tired of wearing glasses from morning till night and I was in Prague 27th march to 1st April. I have to admit the price attracted me more than anything but I thoroughly researched Beauty in Prague first and was more than happy with what I read I even researched the ‘ top professor ‘ who was to do my surgery procedure. Nela kept me informed via email with all the preliminary stuff like medical questionnaire etc. I had to submit and messaged me back immediately when I messaged her with any questions. The airport taxi transfers and 3 clinic taxi transfers are included and my Coordinator ” Beth ” was great She kept me on schedule with appointments and taxi pick ups. Always on hand and met me at clinic everytime to reassure me and to be just NICE and KIND lovely girl🥰 The procedure was a walk in the park the staff at the clinic were professional and very nice. The afternoon after the procedure was a little uncomfortable but not painful. Felt gritty and bit uncomfortable to blink. I Went to sleep for a few hours then got up…. put on sunglasses and went out for a meal the same evening ! The next day felt a 100% better. I do have halos but today is only day 5 and my vision is incredible. The halos get better over 3 week I am informed, if they never go I am still delighted with result. ” Beauty in Prague ” are FANTASTIC and I am returning later this year to have another surgery. REASONS TO GO £7,000 IN UK; £2,800 in Prague 🌹 Fab communication beforehand with NELA🌹 Lovely coordinator BETH on hand 24/7🌹 Professional state of art eye clinic🌹 Pain-free quick experience🌹 GET THERE 🙏DONT HESITATE 🙏GET IT DONE👍👍👍🌹

cosmetic-surgery-UK-Ireland-Prague-czech Only 1hr 30min
from the UK
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