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Jiri Pasta

Doc. MUDr. Jiri Pasta, CSc., FEBO

Lisa (UK) – Lens Replacement surgery review

If your thinking of having lenses replacement with Beauty in Prague go for it! I booked corrective surgery without knowing anyone that had been i was worried a little incase it ended up going terribly wrong with the money exchange etc.. Please be reassured everything goes to plan without a hitch. Once you send them a confirmation of flight they send you all the hotels recommended. I stayed at the Plaza Hotel which was lovely, all you can eat breakfast and friendly staff, complementary bottle of wine on arrival. Met at the airport by taxi driver with my name on a ipad so easy to spot. Driven straight to hotel. Messages via Whatsapp by your contact Beth who is lovely young lady. She can answer any concerns and translate when needed, which is minimal as most speak English. All appointments go to plan, op was quick and the most painful thing are the Eye drops which sting to dilate your pupils and numb your eye. That’s honestly the worse, you are offered a tablet to relax you if required, I declined happy pill as they call it but of you a nervous you are well looked after. I had to have a second check up on second day just for few more checks as my prescription was high with astigmatism in both eyes. My vision was blurry straight after the op and had a lot of flickering for a couple of days. You have drops to use for 2 weeks which are antibiotics and anti inflammatory. My vision now 4 weeks tomorrow is clear and good with no glasses needed. I used to wear reading glasses over the top of my contact lenses. I’m so happy 😊 you have to expect some side effects while healing and the halo around lights at night when driving which is improving for me, I would say if you have poor vision for many years like myself the side effects are well worth it. Also I might add any pain I had which was very minimal sore eyes was no worse than when I have been wearing my lenses too long, in fact it was less painful. In regards to payment nothing is taken until your first consultation and I paid by card, I was charged Β£97 for exchange by my bank, you can pay in euros which will probably save you a fee but I didn’t want to travel with a vast amount of money. Overall it was a great experience and me and my husband got to sight see and the trams are only Β£1 for 30 minutes travel.

cosmetic-surgery-UK-Ireland-Prague-czech Only 1hr 30min
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