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Eye surgeon

Jiri Pasta

Doc. MUDr. Jiri Pasta, CSc., FEBO

Jamie C. (UK) – Trifocal Lens Replacement surgery review

“My experience with Beauty in Prague has been very good from start to finish. Initially starting with Nela who sent some brilliant information and initially booked me in for the treatment. I was booked in to clinic in April 23 arriving in Prague on the Sunday. Monday morning my coordinator Beth arranged taxis for me to clinic where I underwent some tests on my eyes and I also received eye drops. Once it was confirmed that I was suitable for surgery I paid the money for my surgery. The taxi took me back to my room and I had the whole of Tuesday to sightsee around this amazing city. My surgery was on Wednesday, again Beth had booked my taxis and I arrived at the clinic where I received 8 or 9 lots of eye drops to help prepare my eyes for surgery. I was then taken to the surgery with the team and Dr Jiri (George) was my surgeon and he was great, he had great fun while doing the surgery and really made me feel at ease. The surgery took 15 mins max on each eye and although it was uncomfortable, it was quite an easy surgery if you just relax and let them do their magic. My eyesight was bad. +4.25 in my left eye and +4.75 in my right eye (and worse with reading glasses) – straight after my surgery I had fairly clear vision and it got better through the day. I can now read my phone clearly and see long distance easily too. The best money I have ever spent. Everyone involved in my surgery was great, from Nela on the initial booking, to Beth who really helped plan everything and take care of me during the day and then to the surgery team who were great fun. I’d highly recommend Beauty in Prague. They were half the cost of the UK (that included the flights and accommodation) and they really were the top team in the country. Thank you. I no longer need to carry 3 pairs of glasses around with me everywhere I go!!!”

(Google Review, May 15th 2023)

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