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Eye surgeon

Jiri Pasta

Doc. MUDr. Jiri Pasta, CSc., FEBO

Bardhok (UK) – Monofocal Lens Replacement surgery review

I had my lens replacement surgery on 9th of March, and spoiler alert, couldn’t be any happier. Here is my story.
I am 53 years old and my vision has been degrading year after year. First it was the close vision and then I started to notice that my distance vision was degrading too. I started to wear glasses for pretty much all tasks and boy, aren’t they annoying. I find that I had to put them on/off many times, had to clean the glass frequently, they would steam up, they would get misplaced, you get the picture. In the UK the cost of having lens replacement is quite expense so I started to look at the possibility of doing a surgery abroad. Beauty in Prague was at the top of results and I was intrigued with the reviews so I decided to do a further research and find out more. After weeks of looking threw different YouTube videos from interdependent channels and reading more about the clinic and the type of lenses they use I decided to get in touch. They were pretty quick to reply with the information about the surgery and I was asked to forward my eye prescription for them to determine if I was a good candidate for the surgery. All went well and surgery date was planned. No deposit required, they only ask for a proof of flight/accommodation booked. By the way, flight and accommodation are the only things you need to arrange, they will sort out all the rest. Jet2 does have really cheap flights from UK to Prague. At the airport I was met by the taxi driver arranged by the clinic who took me to my hotel. The following day a taxi was send to my hotel to take me to the clinic. I was met by Beth, she is absolutely lovely, friendly and helpful and her English is impeccable. I was taken threw a lot of machines to do eye measures and examinations and after was seen by the eye doctor, very lovely lady who gave me the bad news that due to some issues with my right side eye retina I could not have the trifocals lens which I intended to have. She said I would not bee happy with the results if I went ahead with it. She said I was candidate for Monofocal lens replacement which only fixes one distance and of course is almost half the price of trifocals. I appreciated the sincere honesty and decided to go with monoclonal. I had done my research on monoclonal and knew what to expect. They give you the best outcome with sharp distance and minimal night night vision side effects but they only correct one of the three distances. I had considered this before so I wasn’t that hesitant to go with this option. Day of the surgery, I met the team, took many many eye drops. By the way, the medical team at the clinic are very very friendly and helpful and they make you feel relaxed about the entire procedure. The surgery itself felt less than 10 minutes (5 minutes per eye) and there is ZERO pain involved. You feel a strange sensation during the procedure but absolutely no pain. They give you eye drops and sunglasses to take with you. Be aware, your vision will be very glare on the first day or 2. I started to see my vision improved straight away, and after few hours I started to be amazed how everything was coming into focus. The glare sensitivity keeps decreasing with time. I noticed some beautiful starburst effects around lights for the first night, but the following day that faded away. I was seen the next day by the doctor and after the check up she confirmed that surgery was successful. My expectation was to have the distance vision fixed but I was pleasantly surprised that my intermediate and close up vision also had improved. I am writing this review on my PC without any glasses, something would have not been possible before. I have not used glasses since surgery for PC and phone, I feel that I may only need them for fine prints or read in a poorly lit environments. The doctor won’t tell you that you could get more than one distance improved with mono focal because they won’t to under promise and overdeliver, and the results would differ from person to person. If I would get presented with the option again which lens replacement to have, I would choose monofocal over and over. And I would highly recommend Beauty in Prague. They do have state of the art clinic with top notch technology and highly professional doctors and nurses. I will end this by saying, this is the best money spend that have already improved my quality of life, and it has only been less than a month since the surgery, Thank You Beauty in Prague.
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