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Eye surgeon

Jiri Pasta

Doc. MUDr. Jiri Pasta, CSc., FEBO

Andy R. (UK) – Lens Replacement surgery review

“Fantastic service & equally fantastic treatment. From the initial enquiry to Beauty in Prague to completion of treatment the service has been exemplary.

Pick up at Prague Airport was as arranged & we were taken directly to our chosen hotel (Belvedere Hotel ) The room was massive & very comfortable & being on the Thai massage level had a nice aroma. Hotel staff were excellent & very friendly & the breakfast was good.

On the Monday morning Theresa our coordinator from Beauty in Prague sent all relevant details for our taxi pick up from the hotel. At arrival at the clinic we opened the taxi door at the clinic & was immediately met by Theresa with a smile.

Everything continued like clockwork & proceeded with military precision. All eye checks completed in a couple of hours & Theresa then arranged a taxi for us to the centre of Prague.

Tuesday was a day to ourselves in Prague (Excellent day).

Wednesday was as organised (Day of surgery) Again met from the taxi by Theresa with that fantastic smile.

Proceeded to waiting room with others & drops,drops & more drops being put into my eyes in readiness for my operation.

The time has finally come. Hand wash empty pockets to your assigned locker & a simple gown put over your clothing.

Introduced to George (my surgeon) & his team.

Full explanation of procedure & then seated comfortably.

(Was I nervous ?) what do you think. There was no need to be also on the plus’s side for me George had nice relaxing 60s music playing quietly in the background (I’m 65)

After surgery it was back to the hotel (Don’t plan anything just relax) As I guess with any surgery on your eyes the best course of action is to relax. And believe me I needed to my eyes felt gritty when I blinked so my best course of action was to lay in bed & rest with an occasional snack/cups of tea & of course applying your eye drops as directed.

By Thursday morning the grittiness in my eyes had gone & it was off to the clinic for a final check before returning to the UK later in the day. A few eye test to see your results?

I don’t expect to have 60:60 vision just yet as it’s less than 24hrs since I had my surgery. However already the difference is clear to see. (I expect full results will be achieved in about three months as indicated by the clinic)

George my surgeon explained how important it is to use your eyes near/ far & intermediate distances to re train your brain to your new found vision.

All in all Beauty in Prague eye clinic is super clean run by enthusiastic & professional staff.

My special thanks goes to Theresa our coordinator who made everything run like clockwork & of course George & his team who carried out my lens replacement surgery.”

(Google Review, December 9th 2023)

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