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Patient story Rhinoplasty – Nose Job surgery

16. 10. 2007

Patient story rhinoplasty (nose job review)

Why did you decide for the Rhinoplasty surgery abroad?

  • Well, in England I work as an part time TV presenter and my appearance is very important to me, as well s I hoped that the cosmetic surgery would increase my confidence.

Did you do any kind of research before you finally decided to undergo the rhinoplasty surgery?

  • Yes, I searched the internet, firstly to find out about the possible risks of the rhinoplasty surgery and the procedures it involves and later to find out what the prices are like.
  • At first I thought I will get the rhinolasty surgery done in the UK, but the level of services did not really match the costs. So I got an idea to look if the surgeries are done abroad. First I thought about South America but then I decided on the Czech Republic as they are part of the EU and I could be sure that the level of education for the plastic surgeons must be at least the same as for British ones. The rhinoplasty prices were much more reasonable than in the UK and I liked being so close to home. I decided for rhinoplasty abroad

So, when you decided to undergo your Rhinoplasty abroad – in Prague, what happened next?

  • I found the web pages of the Beauty in Prague, filled up their questionnaire and send them the photos. I was really pleased with this as in the UK I usually met only with the sale representatives of the clinics and no plastic surgeon ever saw me there. In Prague my photos were assessed by the actual plastic surgeon and I got the feedback via email really quickly.
  • My Prague plastic surgeon did not advise me to take 2 surgeries in one time, because hey would be made in the same area of my body and I could spend only 2 weeks off work. After I had made my decision to actually undergo the surgery I paid the deposit and was sent the receipt. All this procedure was followed up by friendly calls from the Beauty in Prague; they actually offered me help with finding and booking the flights.

What happened after your arrival to Prague?

  • I was picked up at the airport and taken to the apartment. The patient coordinator gave me the contact details and during the way by taxi explained me all the program for next few days.
  • Two days after (however normally I believe it is the next day) I went to the rhinoplasty clinic for the Pre Op Tests. At the beginning I did not feel much comfortable as I don’t like needles and I knew I am going for the blood tests but the GP made me feel really fine and I forgot about all my worries immediately. Besides blood test I had an ECG to check my heart, my breathing was checked as well as all the major organs. All the time I was asked if I had any questions – that made me feel really good.
  • The plastic surgeon made me feel really comfortable, showed me some before and after at his laptop. He explained me everything and I was really happy used easily understandable words and medical terminology. There is nothing worse than not to knowing what the doctor is talking about. The clinic itself is a very nice place. When I was waiting for the rhinoplasty surgery I checked it out a bit and found out it is actually cleaner than the British hospitals.

When did you undergo the rhinoplasty surgery itself?

  • The same day afternoon. It felt weird that when you are lying down everyone running around you and speak Czech but it was OK. All I remember next is falling asleep and then waking up in really comfortable bed in the recovery room.

What was your stay at the rhinoplasty clinic like?

  • The nurses there were just great, always seeing if you don’t need anything and taking care of you all the time. I stayed at the clinic for 2 nights and then I went back to my recovery apartment.

After you left the clinic did someone care about you during the rest of your recovery in Prague?

  • I bought a lot of things with me from the UK, but I found out that I didn’t have to. The assistant from Beauty in Prague came everyday and asked me if I don’t need anything to buy or bring some food from the restaurant.
  • I watched lots of DVDs and there was a cable TV in my apartment so I did not get bored at all. Fifth day I decided to go for a walk around Prague, It is really beautiful city and what is really good is that the apartment was 5 min walk from everywhere.

If you should sum up your rhinoplasty abroad in Prague, what would you say? **

  • I had really good experience with Beauty in Prague. My rhinoplasty surgeon and actually everyone I met are positive and helpful people. I have been so happy I plan to return next year for my ear pinning (otoplasty).

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