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Louis Walsh Never Had Plastic Surgery?

27. 8. 2011

Louis Walsh Never Had Plastic Surgery?

The Irish X Factor Star denied rumours that he had further plastic surgery. In 2009, he had the bags removed from under his eyes. It was essential for being a judge on one of the most popular TV shows in Britain. He also had some dental work to enhance his appearance.

The judge told the Mirror that everything except for his eyes were natural. The 60-year old was accused of having had a plastic surgery because he looked flawless on the new show.

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Face lift surgery is beneficial to men and women who are experiencing sagging of the face due to the ageing process. Normally surgical face lift is performed on clients aged from around 40 years and up to around 70 years. Ultimately the upper age limit is determined by the health of the client.

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Louis Walsh (Pic: ITV)

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