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Free Transport in Prague

9. 2. 2007

Free Transport between your apartment and the clinic

Beauty in Prague offers its clients, who are coming for cosmetic surgery abroad, maximum comfort and the luxury of not worrying about anything else besides your own cosmetic surgery procedures as we take care of the rest. One of our many services included in the cosmetic surgery package is also a FREE transfer between the apartment and the cosmetic surgery clinic.

Minimum of 3 Free pre- and post-operative appointments at the clinic

We offer Free transfer for all of your visits between the clinic and you apartment such as pre-operational examinations, cosmetic surgery itself, post-operational check-ups, stitches removing and other transports related to your plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures. By every appointment you will be seen by your Prague plastic surgeon, so he can see how is the recovery progressing. These check-ups are also Free.

Personally accompanied to the cosmetic surgery clinic

One of our treatment coordinators will be always accompanying you personally to the cosmetic surgery clinic. We will assure that all schedules would be adhered to without any unnecessary delays and always with the highest comfort possible.

Beauty in Prague – Safe Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

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