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VIKRANT SINGH, IP: | 24.9.2010 21:32:30

i'm suffering like gynecomastia.So plz advice me how much expent mony for this surgery..So pls advice…Thanks

Robert, IP: | 27.9.2010 14:39:36

I was apprehensive and scared that the treatment for gynecomastia would not work or that it would look worse than it was before.

I chose to have my cosmetic surgery abroad because I have no faith in the British health service. Gynecomastia treatment with Beauty in Prague was painless and I had discomfort for one night only. After this I could walk around without any pain.

I would recommend this type of cosmetic surgery to everyone who suffers from enlarged male breasts. I had tried all sorts of diets and gym membership. I could see that gynecomastia cosmetic surgery has improved my condition within a few days. I had a relaxing week in Prague, with excellent cosmetic surgery treatment and post-operative aftercare

Daniil, IP: | 5.5.2017 22:43:00

<a href=„https:/­/gynecomastia­pro.com/gyneco­mastia-treatment-without-surgery/“>here</a> is the main exercises that helped me:
chest press
cable crossovers
Incline flys
bench dumbbell press
push ups
diamond push ups

And dont forget about cardio

nitrogen987654321, IP: | 27.5.2017 03:22:59

Hello. Casually found your comment on this forum and wanted to share my sad experience. In the past year I was diagnosed with Bilateral Gynecomastia. The primary symptom was enlargement of the male breasts. In location with regard to the my nipple I have a firm feel. The worst thing is gynecomastia occurred on both sides. I immediately began to search for answers to the questions that you asked. Were you able to find a doctor to complete the surgery? If so, who was it? How much did it cost? Are you satisfied with the results?
After studying a very large number of reviews, I came across a site [url=https://gy­necomastiapro­.com/]gynecomas­tiapro.com[/ur­l]. Thanks to this site my gynecomastia resolves spontaneously within several weeks.

Мария Евгеньевна щетинина, IP: | 27.5.2017 03:23:31

<a href=„http://­имя_сайта“>Анкор_ссылки<­/a>

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