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Is cosmetic surgery abroad safe?

15. 1. 2018
  • When you are deciding about your provider of cosmetic surgery abroad you have to take in account you have to find someone who really cares for you during your stay abroad and your health comes first.
  • Often during consideration about cosmetic surgery abroad it is normal to worry about our own safety, especially when you can read stories about bad plastic surgery. Just as it happens in the UK where the surgery was not a success, you can find such cases anywhere in the world. This is the reason why you as a client has to be sure you are quaranteed safe plastic surgery abroad secured by pre-operative tests, qualified plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgery clinic with 0 MRSA rate.
  • It is very important you will choose the right place, where plastic surgeon will operate on you only if you are 100% healthy. Otherwise there is a high risk of complications during the surgery or post-operative period.
  • In order to offer our clients safe cosmetic surgery abroad we organize thorough pre-operative tests when we can find out whether client is perfectly healthy or see whether we can do something to improve his health conditions before the surgery.
  • It is standard at Beauty in Prague that after completing our Free Cosmetic Surgery Consultation we offer every client telephone contacts on our previous clients from the UK, who are happy to speak to you about their experience. This way you can reassure yourself whether you feel you have chosen safe cosmetic surgery abroad.
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