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Cosmetic Surgery Helps Bullied Children

14. 4. 2011

Bullying is a serious issue which can damage the lives of children and leave them psychologically damaged. Anything can cause bullying, but children with noticeable physical traits, such as sticky-out ears or a large nose can be particularly sensitive about these problems. Getting help for these children will often involve cosmetic surgery.

Although plastic surgery for children seems like an extreme option, many children have these operations, sometimes when they are as young as 2. There were just under 9,000 otoplasty (ear correction surgeries) operations in 2012, often on children between the ages of 13 and 19.

Cosmetic surgery in Prague

These operations can help children to feel better about themselves, and will also help to reduce the impact of teasing and bullying. If you feel that your children could be bullied due to physical differences, then contact our clinic at Beauty in Prague, and our highly-qualified surgeons can help your child. Call now to get help for your children.

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