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Cosmetic Surgery Acceptance

3. 11. 2014

15 years ago cosmetic surgery used to be only for wealthy and elite. Fast forward to now and it feels like everyone is having it, from city execs to housewives and even men. More of us than ever before are having surgery to be younger, firmer, more confident and beautiful than ever before.

Beauty in Prague have looked into the reasons why our perceptions on Surgery may have changed.

1. The media spotlight

We live in a society dominated by headlines questioning, who has and who has not had cosmetic surgery. From the Hollywood A-list, to royalty and even high-profile sportsmen and women, our media is dominated by stories concerning cosmetic surgery.

It does not help that popular reality TV shows and their stars are forever discussing cosmetic surgery and what they need doing to their bodies next.

When considering cosmetic surgery, it’s a good idea to be specific about what you want to change and have realistic expectations of what you are aiming for. Your cosmetic surgeon will then be able to discuss with you the limitations of what can realistically be achieved, if you do make the decision to undergo surgery.

2.The rise of digital enhancements

Digital enhancements and the rise of digital photography have distorted the lines between perceived digitally enhanced image of perfection and real beauty. Selfies have taken pride of place on our Facebook walls and Instagram feeds, especially this year with the hugely successful ‘no make-up selfie’ campaign. But with special filters and apps that help ‘perfect’ our own images it could be argued that we have become obsessed with changing our appearance.

We can all feel under pressure to look our best but it’s important for us to remember that beauty is an individual measure. We are all unique and confidence needs to come from within, while cosmetic surgery can improve and restore, it is never the full answer.

3.The growth of availability

Another reason we believe plastic surgery is more popular than ever, the growth of availability. There are millions of results on Google for Cosmetic Surgery and Beauty in Prague suspect that number is only going to continue to grow.

When considering cosmetic surgery you need to be aware of the risks involved and be sure that the expert and clinic you are visiting will deliver the highest standards of care. Making sure you chose the best hospital and consultant surgeon will ensure you achieve the best results.

4.The removal of the cosmetic surgery taboo

It is fair to say that Cosmetic Surgery is no longer seen as taboo. More than ever before we as a society are willing to discuss, with friends and family, the procedure we have had and how they have had a positive impact on our lives. It is this positive word of mouth and our willingness to be open that has helped make Cosmetic Surgery normal and remove the taboo surrounding cosmetic procedures.

Beauty in Prague believe that the key message when considering Cosmetic Surgery is that you should make the decision to undergo surgery for you, and you only.

Beauty in Prague is encouraging patients not to rush into their Cosmetic Surgery decision and to take the time to research their consultant and procedure effectively.

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