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Buffalo Pays Plastic Surgery Bills for Teachers

27. 5. 2012

Teachers in Buffalo, USA say they should get something extra to make up for their low salaries and benefits. And as a ‘perk’, they are getting plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks and Botox as part of a unique health plan.

According to the Daily Mail who picked up the story from, this scheme was originally started in order to fund the operations for crash and burn victims. It is now available for teachers, but this so-called ‘perk’ has its price. In 2010, the Buffalo schools paid $9 million for their teachers to have plastic surgeries and there’s no doubt that this figure has since risen. It was found in another investigation conducted by the school board that in 2011, sixty teachers spent as much as $30,000 each on aesthetic surgery procedures. The interesting fact is that since the schools are self-insured, taxpayers have to bear the expenses.

Teachers everywhere are taken aback by this scheme but majority of them are pleased to have someone take care of them and make them look pretty.

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