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British choose Plastic Surgery More than any other Europeans

12. 3. 2002

If you want to find the country most open to cosmetic surgery in Europe, then you need look no further than Britain. The first survey of international plastic surgery has concluded that British people are second only to Americans and those from Brazil when it comes to choosing cosmetic surgery.

The year 2000 was the focus of the survey, and showed that nearly 25,000 surgeries were performed in the British Isles, compared to less than half that in Germany, and a less than 2,000 surgeries in Turkey. Only France came close, with over 21,000 cosmetic operations in that country.

It was also revealed that the British spend around 200 million pounds having cosmetic surgery, from Botox to skin peels and even breast surgery. What was perhaps most unexpected is the number of men choosing to have operations.

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