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Breast Augmentation and Breast Uplift

22. 4. 2015
, Breast Augmentation and Breast Uplift

When it comes to Breast Augmentation and Breast Uplift, is it really an either/or situation? How do you know which procedure will benefit you most?

While Breast Augmentation and Breast Uplift surgeries have two distinct purposes, people who desire them are sometimes looking to address identical problems. Those often involve noticeable changes in the size or shape of their breasts associated with:

  • genetics
  • weight loss
  • age or gravity
  • reduced skin elasticity
  • pregnancy and childbirth

If you have always wanted larger breasts, Breast Augmentation (with or without a breast lift) may be what you want.

If you are happy with the size of your breasts but wish they or your nipples sat higher on your chest, a Breast Uplift might be a better option for you.

Breast Augmentation

The purpose of Breast Augmentation is to increase the breast size. There are normally three reasons why people decide to have Breast Augmentation surgery:

  • Physical – to get bigger breasts
  • Aesthetic – to correct asymmetry, sag or volume loss
  • Emotional – to look and feel better in clothing

Breast Augmentation client aspirations often include:

  • Feeling sexier and more self-confident
  • Being happier with breast size and shape
  • Looking better in clothing, swimsuits and naked
  • Balancing out differences in breast size and/or shape
  • Restoring lost volume after weight loss, breastfeeding, etc.
  • Correcting breast sag or droopiness and making breasts firmer

Breast Uplift

There are lots of reasons why women undergo Breast Uplift surgery. An imbalance where one breast is lower than the other can be a reason, but there are other reasons too:

  • Changes in body image
  • Changes in nipples and areola

Combined Breast Augmentation and Breast Uplift Surgery

If you are unhappy with both the volume and the breast sag, then a Breast Augmentation and Breast Uplift would be the best surgery choice for you.

Having combined Breast Augmentation and Breast Uplift:

  • Corrects breast sag
  • Adds volume and fullness to the breasts
  • Addresses issues of imbalance or asymmetry

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