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Rhinoplasty and recovery

6. 1. 2010
, Rhinoplasty and recovery

Rhinoplasty And Recovery: What To Expect

Rhinoplasty and recovery are two things that patients who are considering a nose job are thinking about. They want to know what happens after rhinoplasty takes place. Specifically, it will be up to your body’s ability to handle the procedure to determine the actual rhinoplasty healing process and timeframe. Nevertheless, it is possible to see great improvements in your overall nose shape right away. Still, there are several things to keep in mind with rhinoplasty and recovery.

Rhinoplasty And Recovery After Surgery

After you have rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery, you will feel tired, sore and often times in pain in the area of the surgical procedure. The plastic surgeon will usually place a plastic splint on your nose following the procedure. This protects the nose and helps to ensure the nose shape is not distorted. This will also help with any of the rhinoplasty swelling.

Swelling is actually quite common right after surgery and will likely continue for at least a week. At that time, the surgeon will then need to replace the split with another one that is smaller in size.

Post rhinoplasty, you will need to keep a split on full time for at least the first two weeks. Assuming there are no rhinoplasty complications, the split may be removed during the day after that point (after your rhinoplasty surgeon has stated it is possible to do so.)

It is likely you will need to keep the split in place during the night for at least another two weeks to ensure you do not accidently injury the nose during the rhinoplasty healing process while you are sleeping.

After rhinoplasty and recovery, you will have an amazing looking nose that you can be proud of. You can expect to feel some discomfort for the few weeks following the procedure. You will also likely need to take medications including antibiotics to fight off infection and swelling.

Scaring is very minimal (all incisions are placed inside of nose) and the end result of the rhinoplasty is often positive. For those who obtain rhinoplasty abroad, such as having rhinoplasty in Prague, the excellent level of physical care helps ensure success whenever possible.

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