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Clinics are open – no restrictions for medical travel from the UK & EU.
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Richard, UK (Male Breast Reduction Review)


Plastic surgeon

Jitka Vrtiskova

Dr. Jitka Vrtiskova, M.D.

Richard, UK (Male Breast Reduction Review)

  • „Had a Male Breast Reduction in December. Found the whole experience better than expected, I’m only 22 so was a bit concerned about going abroad for such a thing”.
  • “I read reviews but was still unsure, I landed in Prague and was met by the driver and Karolina (Who is possibly the most beautiful women I have ever seen) and they took me to my apartment, real close to the main square so I managed to see some sights.
  • “On the day of surgery they said my surgeon was ill so I had a different one, of course I was not too sure but I went ahead and she did a brilliant job. Spent two nights in the clinic after the Op which wasn’t exactly fun but what can you expect, had a TV but being stuck in a bed isn’t exactly a laugh a min. Then went back to the apartment for the next 5 days which was good and managed to see the city.
  • I’m really pleased with the results and they even gave me a card when I left wishing me well which I thought was a nice gesture. All in all I would not have a bad thing to say. I was surprised I didn’t meet many English people in the clinic, most seemed Czech (I guess as they could speak to the nurse) but I suppose that shows they must be valued in their country??? Either was I would definitely go back and I would advise it to anyone.“

Before and After

cosmetic-surgery-UK-Ireland-Prague-czech Only 1hr 30min
from the UK
cosmetic-surgery-support-clinic-prague-abroad English speaking
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cosmetic-surgery-price-prague Save upto 60%
on UK prices
cosmetic-surgery-review-prague-abroad 35 000 clients
and 20 years experience
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