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Refer us a patient for Lens Replacement surgery and receive your £50 voucher. 
Take advantage of our new referral program and help your friends become glasses independent.

Recommend our services and receive a £20 voucher

15. 10. 2015

Recommend our services and receive a £20 voucher for you and a £50 voucher for your friend

Share this voucher with friends and family to receive a voucher for your online shopping at Amazon, your friends can use their voucher towards the cost of their surgery. Terms and conditions apply.

How it works?

  1. Email, recommend or advise your friend or relative to visit our website
  2. The person has to apply for our FREE email consultation by filling in the medical questionnaire and sending us some photos of the areas they want treated
  3. We will respond within 48 hours with their cosmetic surgery package quote
  4. The person will get back to us with their chosen appointment time/date and your name for recommending them
  5. We will reply with a booking form containing all the costs including your name as the person who recommended our services. Your friend will have their £50 discount voucher written on their booking form
  6. The person will undergo the surgery with us and we will inform you
  7. At the end of the month, we will email you the voucher(s) based on the number of clients you recommended to us, who successfully had their surgery.

Terms and Conditions:

  • the voucher is valid for deposits paid by 31.12.2015. The surgery must be performed by 31.1.2016
  • the voucher cannot be used for clients who have already booked their appointment and paid their deposit by 18.10.2015
  • only vouchers which are included on the booking form before paying the deposit can be accepted
  • for clients paying in EUR, a €20 voucher for Amazon will apply, for their friends a €50 voucher towards their surgery will apply
  • the voucher cannot be accepted on any other treatments other than surgeries performed by Beauty in Prague
  • if the name of the person who recommended the service is not emailed to beauty (at) be­ and listed in the booking form, the voucher cannot be accepted
  • the voucher cannot be exchanged for cash
  • in case the client cancels their appointment or the surgery is cancelled for any reason, they will not be entitled to their voucher/discount
  • voucher only applies once the surgery has been performed
  • £50/€50 voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discounts
  • only one voucher can be used per client/surgery
  • we reserve the right to decline or withdraw this offer, without prior notice, at any time
  • please be advised, only clients who are 100% healthy can undergo surgery. If the client is unable to have their surgery due to infection, they will not be entitled to their voucher/discount.

Valid until 31.12.2015

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