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How to compare cosmetic surgery prices abroad?

15. 1. 2018

With cosmetic surgery prices abroad you have to take in account what is included in the price of treatment.

  • Is it only the price for surgery itself?
  • Is it whole cosmetic surgery package?
  • What is included in the cosmetic surgery package?

It is important to find out the final cost when choosing the provider of your cosmetic surgery abroad.

At Beauty in Prague our price of cosmetic surgery is including

  • Consultation with Prague Plastic Surgeon
  • Full Examination by General Practitioner and Pre-operative Tests
  • Cosmetic Surgery Procedure
  • General and/or Local Anaesthetic, all Medication
  • 1–4 Nights at the Clinic (if the surgery is performed under general anaesthetic)
  • Post-operative Aftercare, Check-ups and Stitches Removal
  • Support Garment worn after Cosmetic Surgery

On top of that you will have to book your flights, which price starts at GBP 50 for a return flight from most of the UK and Irish airports.

We also offer airport transfer from and to Prague airport at the cost of GBP 20/way.

These are all the costs, which are included in your cosmetic surgery package once you complete our Free cosmetic surgery consultation.

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