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Breast Reduction Surgery and its Health Benefits

3. 3. 2012

The majority of people see that cosmetic surgery is something that is driven by vanity. That is far from the case. Most people go under the knife only to gain confidence, and give a much needed boost to their morale. Additionally, physical problems can become crippling for people and cosmetic surgery is a good option to alleviate potential health issues.

Even if the procedure is done purely to look better, there is nothing wrong with wanting to appear beautiful. What few people realize though is that cosmetic surgery can actually help save lives. An example is that of women with big busts. Having a big, heavy bust can put an incredible strain on the back, cause slipped discs and even nerve damage. A breast reduction can go a long way in helping to lower the chances of this ever happening.

Dr. Laurence Kirwan writing in the Daily Mail, also linked breast reduction to heart disease and diabetes. He cited various studies and explained that big breasts can cause pain when exercising, creating a deterrent to a healthy lifestyle.

Cosmetic surgery in Prague

At Beauty in Prague, we offer breast reduction services. We have trained staff who will give you a free consultation to see if you are a good candidate for the surgery: not everyone is suited for it. The surgery will take around 2–4 hours and we recommend a stay of two nights for recuperation, where you will cared for by the staff of the clinic.

For your free email consultation simply fill in Medical Questionnaire and send us some photos of the areas to be treated.

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