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Patients Beyond Borders

Patients Beyond Borders

Patients Beyond Borders - 25 Jun 2007

Beauty in Prague

Founded in 2005 by Tamara Zdinakova, this Prague-based agency caters mostly to a European crowd taking advantage of low-cost healthcare in a great urban vacation setting.

However, more North Americans began visiting after an article featuring Zdinakova and Beauty in Prague appeared in a 2006 issue of Business Week. All staff members speak English, as do all the physicians, plastic surgeons, and dentists engaged by the agency.

Beauty in Prague's standard package includes full consultation with a plastic surgeon, pre-operative blood and ECG tests, full examination by an internist, surgery, all medications, up to five nights in the clinic and free transportation between lodging and the clinic. Personal services include airport pick-up (althought the client must pay a $30 fare) and arrangements for shopping and sightseeing.

Beauty in Prague lodges patients in apartments near Prague's trendy Old Town, a five-minute walk from some of the city's best restaurants and shopping. Apartments are equipped with high-speed Internet access. For families, Beauty in Prague offers babysitting and full day and night care.

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad – Czech Republic

One of the most popular American tourist destinations in Eastern Europe is the Czech Republic's capital city, Prague, where health travelers will find most of the country's best clinics.

The Czech Republic's enjoys long-standing healthcare oversight and strident requirements for physicians and surgeons. Cosmetic surgery in the Czech Republic is strictly regulated by the government and by the Czech Medical Chamber. Six years of study are required to become a plastic surgeon; three years are required for general surgery and six for cosmetic surgery. Yet, in a country where many physicians in the public sector earn less money than office workers, health travelers must double their research to ensure quality of service.

Over the past decade, several privately founded cosmetic surgery clinics have opened that cater mostly to international patients from Western Europe and the UK. Staff and physicians speak English and provide care based on western-style models. Fees vary widely. Prague has recently seen a great increase in western-trained doctors opening private practices.

Health travelers generally head to Prague for either cosmetic surgery or dental care. Patients city Prague as a favorite sightseeing destination. They factor extra travel time into their trips, taking advantage of less invasive procedures and shorter recovery times to enjoy vacations, weekend get-aways, or Prague's endless urban acitvities.

Quoted cosmetic surgery prices usually include all pre-operative tests, examinations, surgery, medications, overnight stays, post-operative treatments, and an extra $200 for a friend or partner to accompany the patient. Health tourism packages ofthen include bike tours through the wine country, mountain exploration, hiking, horseback tours, and art and heritage festivals.

For those concerned about antibiotic resistant infections, the Czech Republic is reputed to have one of the lowest methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) rates in Europe (meaning that unlike the US, most staph infections in the Czech Republic can still be treated effectively with certain antibiotics.)

Typical Treatmens and Costs

Patients Beyond Borders was written by Josef Woodman and it is available on Amazon.

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