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Beauty in Prague in press

Cosmetic surgery abroad with Beauty in Prague in press

Affordable and safe cosmetic surgery in Prague, Czech Republic.

DNA India - Daily News and Analysis

Cosmetic surgery abroad on the rise

Cosmetic surgery abroad on the rise. Special travel packages offering facelifts and the like seem to be gaining popularity around the world.

DNA India - Daily News and Analysis - 08 Nov 2008


The Sun

Free Boob Job Abroad

Mum Karen Fielding had a free boob job – paid for by 100 fellas she doesn’t know. She had the free boob job last month, boosting her from a 34B to 34DD, in Prague with Beauty in Prague - Cosmetic surgery abroad, Czech Republic.

The Sun - 11 Jul 2008


Reveal Magazine

Strangers paid for my boob job abroad

As she logged onto her computer, Karen could hardly believe her eyes. In just five months she´d raised 2,500 GBP for the boob job she craved.

Reveal Magazine - 01 Jul 2008


Prague Post

Sleeping Beauties

Many British and West European men are researching Czech cosmetic surgeons in an effort to turn back the clock and boost their self-esteem.

Prague Post - 31 Oct 2007


Czech Business Weekly

The Nip and Tuck Tourist

In a culture that equates youth with beauty, more and more people are exploring techniques that may buy back a few years, and are traveling to have those procedures done cheaply.

Czech Business Weekly - 23 Jul 2007


Patients Beyond Borders

Patients Beyond Borders

Beauty in Prague - the only company offering cosmetic surgery packages in Prague and Czech Republic recommended in the book Patients Beyond Borders written by Josef Woodman.

Patients Beyond Borders - 25 Jun 2007



Plastic Fantastic - plastic surgery in Prague

Mention the words “plastic surgery” to a friend or colleague, and they’re likely to expect you to launch into a conversation about Hollywood, the latest paparazzi reports and debates about your favorite celebrities.

Provokator - 17 Jun 2007


Fashion Club

Interview with Dr Kment about Liposuction

We offer cosmetic surgery procedures of the highest quality together with intensive individual care. Find out whether liposuction is suitable for you.

Fashion Club - 16 May 2007


The Sunday Times

Cosmetic capital of east does swell trade

A 63-year-old nurse from Newcastle, who gave her name only as Anne who organised the treatment through Beauty in Prague, a Czech-based company, has just had eyelid cosmetic surgery and dermatological treatment.

The Sunday Times - 19 Feb 2006


The Prague Tribune

Health Tourism: Luxury for the masses

Beauty in Prague, which was set up only a few months ago, has already hundreds of visitors every week on their website. Their prices on cosmetic surgery and dentistry are sometimes 50% cheaper than web users would find at home

The Prague Tribune - 01 Dec 2005



Cosmetic Surgery - What you wanted to ask

The parts of your body, to which the nature was not inclined to, a plastic surgeon can be of use. "Worries about small breasts, bigger nose or saggy eye bags are useless" cosmetic surgeons are saying, while healing inferiority complexes while one waits. Are you afraid of cosmetic surgery? There is no reason why! We interviewed top Prague plastic surgeon Dr. Hubert Topinka MD.

ELLE - 01 Sep 2005


Lidove noviny

Liposuction in leading role

"It is already four years that we are using the ultra fine ultrasonic liposuction method in our clinic, which is not harmful to the skin grain or any other tissue. In that way there are limited negative side effects, e. g. post-operative bleeding, swellings or strong pain of treated body parts. On top of that, vibrations of the equipment stop signs of cellulite in the skin grain." Says one of the best Czech plastic surgeons Dr Hubert Topinka M.D.

Lidove noviny - 01 May 2005


The Prague Post


Beauty in Prague tries to go the extra mile by providing links and information to hotels near the clinic - just in case you need a little extra time to relax after cosmetic surgery in Prague. They feature both cosmetic and dental surgery and accept payments by credit card or direct deposit.

The Prague Post -


Business Week

A Closer Continent

Tamara Zdinakova, 28, runs Beauty in Prague, a Web site that refers English-speaking patients to plastic surgeons in the Czech Republic, where prices are a fraction of those in the West.

Business Week -