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Alena Steinvaldova

Alena Steinvaldova

Satisfaction of client

The main goal of my work is a client’s satisfaction we are striving for by precise and fiddling work, which has to be done with passion and love. My experience with clients from abroad who were hospitalised at our cosmetic surgery clinic after surgery is extremely good. The advantage of working with the English clients is that they are quite rigorous and strict about themselves. However sometimes this does not serve them as they do not watch for themselves as they should after the cosmetic surgery procedure.

What’s the Stay in the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic like?

Before the surgery

After his arrival at the clinic, client is changing to our hospital dress. We’re guiding him/her to his/her room and explain the daily regime including serving breakfast, dinner and supper. He/She can rest in his room and watch TV or listen to music. Anaesthetist is coming for a visit specifying the process of anaesthesia and the details how it’s going to work during the operation.

After the surgery

We pay a maximal attention to a client after the operation, checking his/her state and cooling compression for a faster recovery. First day after the treatment client doesn’t have too much appetite for food – he is only drinking very much, tea and if he is hungry, is given a yoghurt, toast, soup or something light that is served on the first day after surgery. In the evening, a day nurse is being replaced by one for a night shift who is informed of the state of each client and how his/her recovery is progressing. We provide a 24 hour professional care of the client. His/Her leisure time is spent by watching TV, DVDs, or he/she can read books or magazines in English.

Medical Degree

  • College of Nursing


  • First Nursing Licence
  • Registered Nurse Qualification

Trainning and Residencies abroad

  • Private Clinic in Malta

Professional Membership

  • Member of Suture Nurses Society
  • The Czech Nurses Association

Areas of Expertise

  • Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
  • Post-operative Aftercare

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