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Cosmetic surgery

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Gift voucher £10001 Jan 2018
We are on Instagram 03 Jan 2017
£200 Christmas Breast Implant Voucher18 Nov 2016
27.12. is the perfect day for your surgery in Prague21 Oct 2016
My Facelift experience at Beauty in Prague03 Sep 2016
Brexit: What happens now?29 Jun 2016
Breast Surgery Reduction Testimonial 04 Jun 2016
What happens after Breast Surgery? 01 Jun 2016
Wedding Season Is Upon Us31 May 2016
What happens to your breasts after Surgery? 31 May 2016
Breast Implant Choices21 May 2016
Breast Surgery and Liposuction Testimonial28 Apr 2016
Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Testimonial28 Apr 2016
Is surgery the best option for me? 12 Apr 2016
How can I keep myself entertained after surgery?12 Apr 2016
Tummy Tuck Tips 22 Mar 2016
Easter Markets in Prague16 Mar 2016
Post-Operative Nutrition 01 Mar 2016
Important things to remember when coming to Beauty in Prague: EHIC and NHS Number23 Feb 2016
Tummy Tuck Surgery: Preparation and Recovery31 Jan 2016
Breast size, shape and placement18 Jan 2016
Surgery and Sex 10 Jan 2016
Will surgery abroad boost my self-esteem?03 Jan 2016
Christmas Opening Information19 Dec 2015
Thinking about surgery abroad?09 Dec 2015
When Prague becomes a winter wonderland06 Dec 2015
Beauty in Prague's guide to Prague 24 Nov 2015
What questions should I ask myself? 08 Nov 2015
Beauty in Prague: Frequently Asked Questions28 Oct 2015
Cosmetic Surgery Accommodation packages26 Oct 2015
Replacement Implants - what you need to know20 Oct 2015
Celebrate our 20 year anniversary with us19 Oct 2015
Recommend our services and receive a £20 voucher15 Oct 2015
Nutrition can help you heal05 Oct 2015
Fluffing and Dropping - What you need to know29 Sep 2015
Exercise after surgery - Too much, too soon? 22 Sep 2015
Frequently Asked Questions15 Sep 2015
A big Decision to make 08 Sep 2015
Let's talk about sex01 Sep 2015
Beating the boredom after surgery25 Aug 2015
Tummy Tuck Preparation and Recovery18 Aug 2015
Things to consider when making your surgery choice11 Aug 2015
Breast Surgery - True or False04 Aug 2015
How to manage your expectations before surgery 14 Jul 2015
Helping your body after surgery 07 Jul 2015
What is included in your cosmetic surgery cost28 Jun 2015
Tummy Tuck Surgery Tips 21 Jun 2015
Cosmetic surgery boosts self confidence07 Jun 2015
A new you, a new wardrobe - Breast Surgery03 Jun 2015
Cosmetic Surgery Holiday31 May 2015
Questions to ask your Surgeon25 May 2015
Cosmetic Surgery in Prague 19 May 2015
Having realistic expectations about your surgery with Beauty in Prague12 May 2015
Breast Augmentation and Breast Uplift22 Apr 2015
A guide to Face Lift Surgery 16 Apr 2015
Why have Cosmetic Surgery abroad?01 Apr 2015
Beauty in Prague's guide to recovering from Tummy Tuck Surgery15 Mar 2015
Beauty in Prague's DR Jitka Vrtiskova M.D. Guatemala Mission 201513 Mar 2015
Beauty in Prague: FAQ08 Mar 2015
Beauty in Prague: Exercise of the month 01 Mar 2015
Prague Cosmetic Surgeons mission in Guatemala 23 Feb 2015
Beauty in Prague: A guide to exercise after surgery27 Jan 2015
Face Lift Surgery28 Dec 2014
Merry Christmas24 Dec 2014
Implants have never been safer18 Dec 2014
Eye Surgery - Before and After14 Dec 2014
Photo Shoot - Tummy Tuck14 Dec 2014
Questions to ask before you decide on surgery08 Dec 2014
High Blood Pressure - are you at risk?30 Nov 2014
Beauty in Prague - Tummy Tuck Testimonial 30 Nov 2014
Channel 5 News - Beauty in Prague are famous!26 Nov 2014
Channel 5 appearance 24 Nov 2014
Face Lift Surgery at Beauty in Prague 20 Nov 2014
New year, New you: Beauty in Prague11 Nov 2014
Beauty in Prague - Liposuction Photo Shoot09 Nov 2014
Couples Surgery Abroad06 Nov 2014
Beauty in Prague Tummy Tuck Photo Shoot04 Nov 2014
Cosmetic Surgery Acceptance 03 Nov 2014
Mature Surgery at Beauty in Prague 27 Oct 2014
Cosmetic surgery for couples23 Oct 2014
Signal Light Festival Prague 20 Oct 2014
Beauty in Prague has just launched new offer10 Oct 2014
Beauty in Prague: 5 step breast examination06 Oct 2014
Beauty in Prague Rhinoplasty Testimonial 02 Oct 2014
Dr Kullhanek - Thank you Gifts 29 Sep 2014
***Behind the Scenes*** Beauty in Prague24 Sep 2014
Beauty in Prague - Twitter20 Sep 2014
Prague Fun Fact: 115 Sep 2014
Tummy Tuck Photo Shoot13 Sep 2014
Breast Uplift and Enlargement Photo Shoot09 Sep 2014
Luxury Car Airport Pick Up05 Sep 2014
Beauty in Prague - #ALSchallenge28 Aug 2014
Polytech at Beauty in Prague22 Aug 2014
Beauty in Prague - Photo Shoot with Katy12 Aug 2014
Beauty in Prague - Photo Shoot08 Aug 2014
Beauty in Prague - Our new Look 04 Aug 2014
Considering surgery with Beauty in Prague? 28 Jul 2014
Beauty in Prague - Magazine Article 24 Jul 2014
Professional Photos after Tummy Tuck Surgery18 Jul 2014
Karen Take a Break Article17 Jul 2014
Rhinoplasty Photo Shoot in Prague14 Jul 2014
Gerard Burke testimonial after tummy tuck in Prague 13 Jul 2014
Beauty in Prague Refurbishment10 Jul 2014
Leanne Tummy Tuck Testimonial04 Jul 2014
Gerard One Week after Tummy Tuck in Prague25 Jun 2014
Tummy Tuck - 5 Days Post Surgery Video22 Jun 2014
Cosmetic Surgery after a Lottery Win 20 Jun 2014
How to Plan Your Wardrobe After Breast Augmentation Surgery20 Jun 2014
Gerard - second day after tummy tuck surgery in Prague18 Jun 2014
Tummy Tuck surgery - interview Dr Ales Nejedly14 Jun 2014
10 Things You Should Know When You Are Considering Plastic Surgery Abroad13 Jun 2014
Need help choosing the right breast implant size? Why not try the rice test?13 Jun 2014
biggest loser's Gerard is coming for Tummy Tuck Surgery 12 Jun 2014
Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Review - Lynn from the UK07 Jun 2014
10 days to go - tummy tuck surgery in Prague06 Jun 2014
To tell or not to tell about surgery abroad05 Jun 2014
Upper Eyelid Surgery at Beauty in Prague05 Jun 2014
Scared to wear that itsy bitsy bikini? 04 Jun 2014
15 days to go - Gerard is coming to Beauty in Prague03 Jun 2014
Breast Uplift Surgery at Beauty in Prague30 May 2014
Plastic Surgery recovery abroad30 May 2014
Beauty in Prague: restoring breasts to their perky past 30 May 2014
20 days to go! Gerard is coming to Beauty in Prague28 May 2014
Upper Eyelid Surgery 23 May 2014
Guess Who is coming to Beauty in Prague?22 May 2014
Is liposuction for me?22 May 2014
Getting better breasts22 May 2014
Foods That Heal: Nutrition after Surgery16 May 2014
Five spots you never knew could have Liposuction16 May 2014
Questions to think about for your first consultation 12 May 2014
What is Breast Reduction Surgery? 12 May 2014
How to Find the Best Swimsuits for Your Body Shape25 Apr 2014
To Tan or Not to Tan? – That is the question25 Apr 2014
A Rise in Male Cosmetic Surgery24 Apr 2014
Get that glowing look24 Apr 2014
Reasons People Give for Having Plastic Surgery24 Apr 2014
Having Cosmetic Surgery is a Big Decision16 Apr 2014
Why do people have Cosmetic Surgery done?16 Apr 2014
Aftercare Advice: Breast Surgery08 Apr 2014
Why is Cosmetic Surgery popular?08 Apr 2014
UK cosmetic surgery statistics 201308 Apr 2014
Summer is coming, are you ready? 04 Apr 2014
Happy Client01 Apr 2014
Pro's of Surgery Abroad01 Apr 2014
How to choose the right Surgeon. 01 Apr 2014
Wedding Day Surgery 01 Apr 2014
Self Esteem and Psychological benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery27 Mar 2014
Breast Augmentation Surgery: It is not all about the size27 Mar 2014
1,000 likes on Facebook19 Mar 2014
Happy holiday and Happy New Year 201417 Dec 2013
Arlene Phillips Plastic Surgery Causes a Storm06 Nov 2012
German Men Increasingly Opt for Cosmetic Surgery19 Oct 2012
Aesthetic International Charity Foundation Launched18 Oct 2012
Plastic Surgeon in Crossville Kicks Off USA BRA Day18 Oct 2012
Mother and Daughter Bond Over Plastic Surgery18 Oct 2012
Australian Women Open to Cosmetic Surgery17 Oct 2012
Billy Connolly Endorses Plastic Surgery17 Oct 2012
Chicago Plastic Surgeon Unveils New Surgical Tool17 Oct 2012
Man Regains Life With Remarkable Face Transplant17 Oct 2012
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon Donates Money from Breast Augmentations16 Oct 2012
Popularity of Brow Lifts on the Rise11 Oct 2012
Christine Brinkley Rolls Back 30 Years With Cosmetic Surgery08 Oct 2012
Research Results Reveal Patient Satisfaction07 Oct 2012
Becoming a Botox Bride19 Aug 2012
An Option to Look Good28 Jul 2012
Breast Implants are a Family Affair19 Jul 2012
The Increase in Pre-Wedding Plastic Surgery18 Jul 2012
Even models get cosmetic surgery16 Jul 2012
Is Gastric Surgery the right Option?16 Jul 2012
Social Networking Sites and Cosmetic Surgery 12 Jul 2012
Satisfaction and Cosmetic Surgery09 Jul 2012
Shedding the Extra Weight with Liposuction04 Jul 2012
What the Cosmetic Surgery Industry will be After the ‘Kate’ Effect07 Jun 2012
Buffalo Pays Plastic Surgery Bills for Teachers27 May 2012
Worried about Recovering from a Nose Job? 16 May 2012
Top Gun Star turns to the Knife—speculation or reality?16 May 2012
Kerry Katona Benefitting from Cosmetic Surgery09 May 2012
Cosmetic Surgery can change your outlook on life03 May 2012
Increase confidence with cosmetic surgery01 May 2012
Only Qualified Plastic Surgeons Can Make it Happen01 May 2012
Wondering if Those Breasts are Real or Not29 Apr 2012
The Effect of Kate26 Apr 2012
Cosmetic Surgery – the Latest Trend in Asia24 Apr 2012
Chinplants – the New Way of Looking Young16 Apr 2012
Cosmetic Surgery and the Way it Helps Migraine Sufferers 09 Apr 2012
Facelift – an Increasingly Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedure 09 Apr 2012
Cosmetic Surgery and Dealing with the Issue of Identity Crisis09 Apr 2012
Celebrities Inspiring Fans to Go Under the Knife09 Apr 2012
Picture Perfect: How a Mother’s Obsession led her daughter to tears29 Mar 2012
Prices increase due to VAT17 Mar 2012
What Joey Essex Has to Say about Plastic Surgery 12 Mar 2012
Cosmetic Surgery -- Doing it Like Celebrities 09 Mar 2012
Egyptian Politician Resigns over Cosmetic Surgery Scandal05 Mar 2012
Breast Reduction Surgery and its Health Benefits03 Mar 2012
Liposuction is a Health Enhancing Procedure 03 Mar 2012
Cosmetic Surgery makes you look younger...No really—it does23 Feb 2012
Celebrity plastic surgeon admits to doing procedures on his daughters22 Feb 2012
Pay-Day Loans are a Big No-No for Funding Cosmetic Surgery05 Feb 2012
Celebrities’ Love for Cosmetic Surgery 04 Feb 2012
Reese Witherspoon likes her Wrinkles… for Now At Least. 02 Feb 2012
Cosmetic Surgery Flourishes Despite the Recession30 Jan 2012
Recession hasn’t hit the Plastic Surgery Industry30 Jan 2012
Plastic Surgery is Safe When Done Professionally25 Jan 2012
PIP implants never used at Beauty in Prague07 Jan 2012
Too Young for Cosmetic Surgery04 Jan 2012
Bridalplasty – Interested in Trying the Latest Trend? 03 Jan 2012
Plastic Surgery Patients Look for Pippa Middleton's Bottom28 Nov 2011
Rise in Post-childbirth Ops Driven by Older Mothers26 Oct 2011
Moroccan Men use Plastic Surgery to Seem younger25 Oct 2011
Non-Surgical Facelifts Make Carol McGiffen Look Younger19 Oct 2011
Britain's Chancellor Wants to Increase VAT on Cosmetic Surgery17 Oct 2011
Do Glamour Models have the Ideal breast Shape?15 Oct 2011
Salma Hayek Denies Cosmetic Surgery Rumours12 Oct 2011
Young Women Choose Plastic Surgery10 Oct 2011
Man Chooses Plastic Surgery to Look like Superman08 Oct 2011
Michelle Pfeiffer Says She'll Have Plastic Surgery when the time is right06 Oct 2011
Plastic Surgeons Warn over Misleading Cosmetic Surgery30 Sep 2011
Vladimir Putin Plastic Surgery27 Sep 2011
Safety Campaign Increases Awareness in Cosmetic Surgery27 Sep 2011
Post-Anaesthesia Care Units at our clinic have been refurbished26 Sep 2011
Samantha Brookes Considers Cosmetic Surgery22 Sep 2011
Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery Options at Bridal Shows20 Sep 2011
Amy Childs Happy With Breast Augmentation Results19 Sep 2011
Mel C Would Consider Cosmetic Surgery17 Sep 2011
Pamela Anderson Not Having More Cosmetic Surgery?17 Sep 2011
Lindsay Lohan’s Sister Had Cosmetic Surgery?16 Sep 2011
Glee Star Had a Breast Enlargement16 Sep 2011
Claire Richards Considers Liposuction14 Sep 2011
Ella Nolan Feels Great after Liposuction09 Sep 2011
Ella Nolan Had 5 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in a Day08 Sep 2011
Audrina Partridge Says that Bigger Boobs are Not a Result of Plastic Surgery06 Sep 2011
Shayne Warne Never Had Plastic Surgery?02 Sep 2011
Maria Fowler planning to have liposuction31 Aug 2011
Statistics about Cosmetic Surgery UK30 Aug 2011
Liposuction among the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures29 Aug 2011
Kitty Brucknell from X Factor had Liposuction28 Aug 2011
Louis Walsh Never Had Plastic Surgery?27 Aug 2011
JWoww from Jersey Shores Denies More Plastic Surgery27 Aug 2011
Desperate Housewife accused of Burned Down her House to pay for cosmetic surgery26 Aug 2011
The Former Miss Universe Had Plastic Surgery?25 Aug 2011
Darryn Lyon’s Tummy Tuck Creates Six Pack24 Aug 2011
Keeping up With Miss Jones: Porn and the rise in Genital Cosmetic Surgery24 Aug 2011
Why a Beauty Queen Denied Cosmetic Surgery Rumours24 Aug 2011
Why Grow Old Gracefully when Cosmetic Surgery can Keep you Young?24 Aug 2011
Teen Bride Had no Cosmetic Surgery22 Jul 2011
Katie Price Starts Reality Show after Another Breast Enlargement13 Jul 2011
Sarah Harding Admits Using Lip Fillers09 May 2011
Cosmetic Surgery Helps Bullied Children14 Apr 2011
Melissa George and Cosmetic Surgery04 Apr 2011
Video Testimonial Ear Pinning - Before and After Photos03 Mar 2011
Cosmetic Surgery Lessons help Keep Girls Interested in Science18 Feb 2011
Heidi Montag’s Cosmetic Surgery Results20 Jan 2011
Gastric Bands Help Women to Keep Slim18 Jan 2011
One of our Prague recovery apartments gets a facelift!17 Jan 2011
The Majority Considering Cosmetic Surgery Abroad21 Sep 2010
Cosmetic Surgery Helps Fulfil Bride's Dreams19 Sep 2010
Courtney Love Shows How to Lose 10 Years with Cosmetic Surgery05 Sep 2010
Patient Story Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)03 Aug 2010
Patient Coordinators in Prague01 Aug 2010
Sharon Osbourne and plastic surgery30 Jul 2010
When Designer Shoes Lead to Cosmetic Surgery28 Jul 2010
Hotel Belvedere Prague has now 4 stars15 Jul 2010
Botox For Neck29 Jun 2010
Older Actresses Under Pressure to have Cosmetic Surgery31 May 2010
Recovery From Breast Reduction13 Apr 2010
How Cosmetic Surgery Helped Hell's Kitchen's Gordon Ramsay14 Mar 2010
Extra Large Breast Augmentation04 Mar 2010
Transgender Breast Augmentation18 Feb 2010
Statistics Show that Plastic Surgery is on the Rise despite Recession02 Feb 2010
Helen Mirren on Cosmetic Surgery 28 Jan 2010
Find Rhinoplasty Surgeon27 Jan 2010
Octomum Should Have a Tummy Tuck?25 Jan 2010
Rhinoplasty and recovery06 Jan 2010
Heidi Montag Reveals Breast Enlargement04 Jan 2010
Christmas Holidays23 Dec 2009
Rhinoplasty Bulbous Tip: Are You A Candidate?09 Dec 2009
Bank Holidays in Prague - 16.-17.11.14 Nov 2009
Tummy Tuck Recovery Experiences29 Sep 2009
Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Forum09 Sep 2009
Affordable Cosmetic Surgery Abroad 25 Aug 2009
Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Reviews11 Aug 2009
Saudi Women Choose Cosmetic Surgery Despite Islamic Laws03 Aug 2009
Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Packages17 Jul 2009
Identical Twins Choose to Always Stay the Same with Cosmetic Surgery14 Jul 2009
Low Cost Cosmetic Surgery 02 Jun 2009
Breast Cosmetic Surgeries 20 Apr 2009
Cosmetic Surgery in London or abroad14 Apr 2009
Prices for Cosmetic Surgery in the UK and Abroad23 Mar 2009
Breast Augmentation Forum - Breast Enlargement Forum20 Mar 2009
Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Statistics 200812 Mar 2009
Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery02 Mar 2009
Eyelid Surgery Abroad Review23 Feb 2009
Breast Surgery Abroad in Prague17 Feb 2009
Cosmetic Surgery Advice08 Feb 2009
Cosmetic surgery abroad - diet preparations02 Feb 2009
Women Sell House to Afford Plastic Surgery30 Jan 2009
Breast Surgery Abroad29 Jan 2009
Full Tummy Tuck or Mini Tummy Tuck16 Jan 2009
Best time for cosmetic surgery06 Jan 2009
Good candidate for cosmetic surgery04 Jan 2009
Guide to cosmetic surgery abroad: How to compare different providers14 Dec 2008
Tummy Tuck Surgery Abroad28 Nov 2008
Cosmetic Surgery Prices25 Nov 2008
Liposuction - UK costs and abroad11 Nov 2008
Cosmetic Surgery Forum21 Oct 2008
Breast enlargement costs in the UK and abroad13 Oct 2008
Set Accident Caused Daniel Craig to have Cosmetic Surgery09 Oct 2008
Free Cosmetic Surgery Recovery07 Oct 2008
Breastfeeding Effect on Breast Appearance01 Oct 2008
Breast Reduction Surgery costs in the UK and abroad12 Sep 2008
My Free Breast Implants Abroad04 Sep 2008
Eyelid Surgery - UK costs and abroad17 Aug 2008
Breast enlargement before and after photos05 Aug 2008
Facelift Surgery - UK costs and abroad27 Jul 2008
Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) - UK costs and abroad20 Jul 2008
Cheap Cosmetic Surgery Abroad18 Jul 2008
Breast Uplift Surgery UK costs and abroad10 Jul 2008
Cosmetic surgery discount 100 GBP09 Jul 2008
Rhinoplasty (Nosejob) - UK Costs and abroad06 Jul 2008
Cosmetic surgery holidays in Prague03 Jul 2008
Surgical nose job abroad in Prague01 Jul 2008
Gynecomastia (Male breast reduction) UK costs and abroad29 Jun 2008
Breast Implants abroad in Prague27 Jun 2008
Face lift surgery abroad25 Jun 2008
Upper Arm Lift Before and After photos18 Jun 2008
Cosmetic surgery abroad with free accommodation11 Jun 2008
Breast Reduction and Uplift surgery for less05 Jun 2008
Liposuction cost04 Jun 2008
Ear correction surgery - UK costs for otoplasty and abroad31 May 2008
Mothers Choose Tummy Tuck after Childbirth13 May 2008
Pre-Operative Tests for Cosmetic Surgery Abroad10 May 2008
Special discount for excessive sweating treatment08 May 2008
Non-invasive Cosmetic Procedures07 May 2008
Dermatologist in our Team06 May 2008
Lower price for Medium Gynecomastia05 May 2008
New Specialist for Liposuction and Body Contouring30 Apr 2008
New Inexpensive Prague Apartments25 Apr 2008
Be alone or with someone while your cosmetic surgery abroad24 Apr 2008
Cosmetic Surgery abroad in numbers21 Apr 2008
Cosmetic surgery clinic information19 Apr 2008
Czech Republic has the lowest MRSA rate 18 Apr 2008
By air for your cosmetic surgery in Prague16 Apr 2008
Breast examination before the breast surgery08 Apr 2008
Liposuction helps to the swimsuit04 Apr 2008
Safe Cosmetic Surgery Abroad02 Apr 2008
Medications during post operative period28 Mar 2008
Breast Implants before or after Pregnancy25 Mar 2008
Recovery during your stay in Prague17 Mar 2008
Brazilian Model Undergoes 42nd surgery14 Mar 2008
Covering of surgery marks12 Mar 2008
Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in 200706 Mar 2008
Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Statistics UK26 Feb 2008
Demand for Cosmetic Surgery shows the operation has lost its stigma21 Jan 2008
New deposit and cancellation terms16 Jan 2008
The Grey Pound Swells Market in Cosmetic Surgery07 Jan 2008
Cosmetic Surgery Abroad – Tummy Tuck review25 Nov 2007
Beauty in Prague in The Prague Post05 Nov 2007
New Recovery Apartment Studio01 Nov 2007
Medical Tourism in Prague - Article in The Times UK19 Oct 2007
Patient story Rhinoplasty - Nose Job surgery16 Oct 2007
New recovery apartment02 Oct 2007
Dr Zdenek Pros - New plastic surgeon17 Aug 2007
Middle Aged Men Using Plastic Surgery26 Jul 2007
Patients beyond borders25 Jun 2007
Gynecomastia Abroad - Male Breast Reduction in Prague21 Jun 2007
Hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating treated by Botox29 May 2007
Free Internet Access18 May 2007
Before and After Surgery Pictures12 May 2007
Cosmetic Surgery a Growing Trend for Men04 May 2007
Partners Secretly want you to have Cosmetic Surgery16 Apr 2007
Financing Cosmetic Surgery with Medical Loans11 Apr 2007
New website - Cosmetic Surgery Abroad28 Feb 2007
Free Transport in Prague09 Feb 2007
Laser Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty05 Jan 2007
Free Stitches Removal14 Nov 2006
Personal Support08 Aug 2006
Cosmetic Surgery in Prague17 Mar 2006
Men Cosmetic Surgery01 Mar 2006
Free Prague Guide28 Feb 2006
Couple Cosmetic Surgery Rates Soar28 Jan 2005
British choose Plastic Surgery More than any other Europeans12 Mar 2002