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  • commonly known as tummy tuck. It is a major cosmetic surgery procedure, which flattens the abdomen by tightening muscles of the abdominal wall and removing excess fat and skin. Abdominoplasty is often combined with liposuction.

Aesthetic surgeon

  • same as Plastic surgeon or Cosmetic Surgeon.

Aesthetic surgery

  • same as cosmetic surgery.


  • the dark circular area surrounding the nipple.

Before and After Photos cosmetic surgery


  • commonly known as cosmetic eye bag surgery, upper or lower eyelid cosmetic surgery. This cosmetic surgery procedure corrects droopy eyelids and puffy eye bags underneath the eyes by removing the excess skin and fat.

Body Reshaping

Boob Job

  • also known as Breast Enlargement with Breast Implants, Breast Enhancement or Breast Augmentation


  • botulinum toxin type A. It is a natural purified protein, which in very low doses relaxes the overactive muscles that cause frown lines to form. Treatment is simple and non-surgical and smoothes the deep, persistent lines between your brows that have developed over time.


  • Upper Arm Lift surgery, usually performed with Liposuction.

Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Enlargement with Breast Implants, Breast Enhancement

Cheap cosmetic surgery

  • The cheap surgery may not be always of a high quality. Client has to find out more information about the plastic surgeon, clinic, what everything is included in the price etc.

Classical Stitches

  • classical stitches are made from smooth silicon. The threads are very thin and firm. These stitches need to be removed according to the plastic surgeon advised in 6–21 days after cosmetic surgery. These stitches are usually used in the places where is a big tension (as Tummy Tuck, Facial surgeries, Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction or Breast Uplift etc.) and dissolving stitches would not guarantee nice healed scar.

Corrugator mucles

  • muscles that cause frowning. It is partially removed during forehead and brow lift so that client’s ability to frown is reduced.

Cosmetic Surgery

  • Cosmetic surgery is aesthetic plastic surgery involves techniques intended for the „enhancement“ of appearance through surgical and medical techniques, and is specifically concerned with maintaining normal appearance, restoring it, or enhancing it beyond the average level toward some aesthetic ideal.

Cosmetic surgery abroad

  • Going overseas for private hospital treatment. MRSA infection in the UK is encouraging some people to consider surgery abroad. The most popular destinations are Prague and the Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, South Africa and Belgium.

Cosmetic surgery clinics

  • Cosmetic surgery clinics abroad often offer fully registered plastic surgeons with 0 MRSA rate.

Cosmetic surgery costs

  • the same as Cosmetic Surgery Prices. Cosmetic surgery costs might include the consultation with the plastic surgeon, pre-operative tests, the surgery, post-operative check-ups, stitches removal, medication etc.

Cosmetic surgery holidays

  • Cosmetic surgery holidays are an ideal combination for your cosmetic surgery and recovery; especially if you are planning to undergo your cosmetic surgery abroad. Prague as cosmetic surgery holidays destination is reaching for the number one position.

Cosmetic surgery prices

  • Prices for cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery. Sometimes they include the consultation with the plastic surgeon, pre-operative tests, the surgery, post-operative check-ups, stitches removal, medication etc.

Cosmetic surgery UK

  • Cosmetic surgery in the UK and Ireland is too expensive and people from these countries are searching for alternatives and undergo their cosmetic surgery abroad.

Dissolving stitches


  • a skinny television probe. Special surgical equipment used for endoscopic cosmetic surgery procedures – endoscopic brow lift, endoscopic neck lift. Plastic surgeons need special training to use the endoscopic equipment.

Face lift

  • classical full Face lift usually performed with SMAS technique.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

General Anaesthetic

  • general anaesthetic is used for most of the cosmetic surgeries. It is a type of anaesthetic when the patient is asleep and is monitored by anaesthetist.


  • area between the eyebrows


  • known as male breast or chest reduction. Gynecomastia removes fat and glandular tissue from the breasts.

Hyaluronic acid

  • a natural substance found throughout the body. It gives volume to the skin, lubricates the joints and gives the eyes their shape.

Laser Resurfacing

  • procedure performed by our Prague plastic surgeons with CO2 laser. It treats layers of damaged skin and smoothes fine wrinkles. It is necessary to avoid direct sun for 2 months after the surgery and protect your skin with cream with high SPF (Sun protection factor).

Local Anaesthetic


  • fat removal

Lipsuction price

  • depends on the amount of the extent of the treatment. For example: small liposuction – under chin and large liposuction – tummy + hips + waist. However, the maximum of fat tissue which can be removed is 2,000ml of fat. Bigger amount of removed fat can lead to complications after the surgery and post-operative time.

Liposuction cannula

  • also known as liposuction rods are thin, long, metal tubes used to suction fat during liposuction.

Male cosmetic surgery


  • more known as breast modulation or breast uplift. Mastopexy is a surgical technique that lifts the breasts to a prechosen height, tightens the skin, and reshapes the breasts as needed.

Midface lift

  • advised for clients who have lost the youthful fullness of their cheeks due to ageing. With this technique the plastic surgeon is able to improve the area from the cheekbone down to the upper lip. The incision is placed in the temporal hairline. A secondary benefit of this procedure may be some decrease in the depth of the nasolabial folds (the creases coming from the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth).

Mini Facelift

  • usually advised for younger clients who need only a little correction along the jaw line or cheek or for clients who have had a standard facelift but now their skin needs to be tightened again due to the sagginess. The incisions and also the recovery are shorter. This type of facelift has limited results.

Nasolabial folds

  • the folds from the root of the nose to the angle of the mouth.

Nose Job

  • Rhinoplasty, Nose Tip Correction, Nose Cosmetic Surgery

Nose Tip Correction

  • This nose job tip surgery concentrates on the soft parts of your nose, and takes approximately 1 hour under general anaesthetic. During this nose job procedure our Prague plastic surgeons modify the cartilages inside the tip of your nose and he uses dissolvable stitches on completion, thus avoiding the need for removal after healing.

Minimum stay in Prague

  • it is the minimum length of nights (days) in Prague spent in Prague after cosmetic surgery. It is advised in free consultation by plastic surgeon before your arrival. It is necessary to observe this.


  • commonly known as ear pinning or protruding ears correction. Otoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure usually performed to set prominent ears back closer to the head.

Recommended stay in Prague

  • it is recommended length of nights (days) in Prague spent in Prague after cosmetic surgery. It is advised in free consultation by plastic surgeon before your arrival. Usually this period ends with the stitches removal.


  • This nose job procedure encompasses surgery on both the soft and hard (bone) parts of your nose. Surgical nose job rhinoplasty is performed under general anaesthetic and takes approximately 2 hours. Dissolvable stitches are used inside the nose on completion, thus avoiding the need for removal after healing.


  • is a crystal-clear, non-animal, biodegradable gel based on a natural substance, called hyaluronic acid. The gel is injected into the skin in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. The result is instantaneous and produces a long-lasting, natural enhancement, gentle and safe to your skin.


  • also known as nose reshaping or nose job. Rhinoplasty can reduce or increase the size of your nose, change the shape of the tip or the bridge, narrow the span of the nostrils, or change the angle between your nose and your upper lip. It may also correct a birth defect or injury, or help relieve some breathing problems.


  • is a variant of the mini-lift. The incision is made above the ear, coming down to the earlobe and continuing behind the ear. This facelifts are recommended for clients with minor facial and neck skin sagginess.

Silicon breast implants

  • Silicon breast implants are the breast implants of the best quality available in the world right now and are used at our breast enlargement surgery clinic. These breast implants have a shell made of several layers of silicone rubber. The silicon used in gel implants is semi-solid (non-runny and less likely to migrate). Our Prague breast enlargement surgeons use for breast augmentation McGhan and Eurosilicons silicon gel breast implants.

SMAS face lift

  • classical full Face Lift. The SMAS makes facelift last longer than facelifts that lift only the skin and keeps the smooth neck from disappearing as quickly. This is secured due to the tightening of the deeper layer in a face lift procedure known as submusculoapo­neurotic system (SMAS).

Support garment

Thread Lift APTOS

  • non-invasive facial cosmetic procedure, non surgical face lift, which uses placing barbed sutures through the skin of the cheeks. It might be useful in a small correction, but it will never replace traditional surgical facelifts. This non surgical facelift brings only limited effect and length of effect. Frequently, the clients are disappointed by not getting the result they expected. This nonsurgical face lift is not performed by our Prague plastic surgeons.

Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty

  • lower Eye Lids cosmetic surgery also know as the Eye Bag Removal using incision inside of the lower eyelids. Plastic surgeon performs the surgery with radio scalpel. The biggest advantage is that there are no visible scars below lower eyelids and the plastic surgeon can remove more fat than by classical traditional surgical approach.

Tumescent Fluid

  • it is a fluid used for Liposuction. It contains saline, adrenaline and a local anaesthetic called lidocaine. Using tumescent fluid the nearby fat becomes temporarily stiff, which aids suctioning.

Ultrasonic Liposuction

  • Ultrasonic liposuction combines the application of high-frequency sound waves with gentle suctioning. Ultrasonic energy is directed from the tip of the cannula of „liquefy“ the fat. The „melted“ fat is then suctioned out by the ultrasonic cannula or by a second cannula.