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Stretch marks

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Scarlett, IP: | 21.10.2008 12:11:50

Hi all,

I hope to have a tummy tuck one day in the future… after my family is finished!! I have quite a flat stomach (a little loose skin- from having twins and a c section) but my main issue is stretch marks!!! Just wondered what positive effect a tummy tuck has on them if any?? And would appreciate any input!

Thanks girls! xxx

Carlee, IP: | 21.10.2008 12:15:14

hi there and welcome :-) i didnt think i had enough skin for a tummy tuck and my main issue was strech marks they went right up past my tum
:-( most of them were removed but i still have a few, but now they are pulled tight and low down they are not a issue xx

Scarlett, IP: | 21.10.2008 12:17:24

Thanks soooo much for your replay ;-)

Have tried bio oil on mine but think they're too bad it doesn't do anything!!! :-x

gemma, IP: | 30.11.2008 16:09:24

after four & where i put on 6 sotne whn had my son.* tried all excise & dieting for4 years,but so depressing when you exercise & still left with overhang&creases
but ive enquired about mini one as at 23 i was gonna go for full one,but dnt want massive hip to hip scar for life.
&also if ever wanted another child in years to come more danger,first commented have you thought of going for mini tummy tuck as its smaller scar& if u only hav loose skin below the navel youd probably
be good candidate.its up to you& your body and choice i find some companies push you for full one but its not their bodies final decision is always yours& i think people should think* as ive read tht in 2001 tummy tuck combined with lipo can pierce muscle in the stom & cause peritinints tht is fatal..So tht worrys hell out of me. as i wanted liposuction with mini tummy tuck**its such scary thing! but so need one!

Gemma, IP: | 30.11.2008 16:13:06

can just about phsyc myself up for mini oine & if in few years i want full one ill reasses but im hoping…dieting & exercise working stomach muscles as recommened will help recovery& firm my underlying muscles its just when u need a tummy tuck the bloody loose skin covers them up!! its such bad wht pregnancy can do to some womenlol

basically any surgery need to think thro & do best you can as even after the surgery you still gonna hav to work your muscles as thyll get thin & youll get lax skin to certain extent again…no getting away from low fat diet& exercise it seemzz +whaaalol

Karen, IP: | 16.1.2009 16:23:47

How do I go about getting rid of stretch marks on my abdomen?

Beauty in Prague | 16.1.2009 16:30:04

The only way to get rid of stretch marks is to cut out the area of skin that has the stretch marks. On the abdomen that means an abdominoplasty. An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is an operation where excess skin on the lower abdomen is cut away and the underlying muscles tightened.

kirsty, IP: | 28.1.2010 04:24:40

hi, i have stretch marks from the lower abdomen, all the way up to just underneath my breasts and they go all the way around my hips to my back :-( just wondering if there is anything else i could possibly do to make them shrink or fade as they are still bright pink from having my daughter 12 weeks ago. Also, i have quite a bad over hang of skin on my lower abdomen which doesn't seem to be going or shrinking. i personally think im too young to consider surgery at 21 plus i want more children, can anyone help with a little advice??

JackFarrell, IP: | 4.8.2010 14:48:40

Tummy Tuck is very effective weight loss surgery. Not only it makes flatten the abdomen region but it also removes the stretches marks from the abdomen region which makes after the multiple pregnancies.

James, IP: | 4.8.2010 14:53:06

Tummy tuck is also known as Abdominoplasty. It is very good cosmetic and weigh loss surgery. It makes flatten the abdominal region and makes stronger the abdominal wall. It also removes the stretches marks which are created after the multiple pregnancies.

Kerry, IP: | 24.10.2011 00:53:34

Hi i have strech marks down both my sides and middle of tummy and lots of loose skin tried for 8 years to get it shifted but wont move im only 28 but with3 kids it has took its toll on me need some advise on what eles i can do with it please x

Wendy, IP: | 24.10.2011 13:37:15

I'm the same, you will find with a TT most of those would be taken. majority of the sk :-)in below your tummy button will be cut away along with thw strech marks providing you have enough overhanging that is.. I have just sent my questionaire & photographs so await the next stage.. good luck,

Louisa, IP: | 2.11.2011 10:35:30

Hi, Im wanting to get a tummy tuck with lipo ASAP been to c 2 surgeons in England but wasn't made to feel confident enough about the after care. If any body has had a tt with b.I.p and could help me out I'd really appreciate it. I've sent my questionnaire and pictures in now just waiting :(( x

Daniel, IP: | 27.5.2017 08:36:41

Dermalmd stretch mark serum is awesome. The appearance of my stretch marks on my belly and hips have reduced significantly. The stretch marks were pretty deep and decades old. I'm going to keep using it until I get the flat tummy I've been dreaming about….

portia Muds, IP: | 3.7.2017 21:38:33

Any one here who has changed a gastric wrap to a gastric sleeve surgery.

Please if you just give me some heads up,
Do you stay in hospital longer than some one who is having the first gastric sleeve.
whats the pain comparison.

Please any information about changing a gastric plication to a gastric
sleeve will be helpful.

Zerine Amara, IP: | 5.8.2017 10:25:55

I would like to have an appointment to remove my speech marks

Brittny Cachero, IP: | 16.12.2017 12:37:06

I had painful stretch marks on my stomach that were deep(almost 1/8inch deep) red, and angry. If you ran your hand across them you could feel the indents. I started dermalmd stretch mark serum in aug and have continued to use it. Now my stretch marks are level with my skin, and the color has gone down substantially. Just keep up with it, it'll be worth it. Tip: make sure to really rub it into your skin till it's completely absorbed

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