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Amy, IP: | 22.10.2008 23:13:22

I am having Rhinoplasty with Dr Topinka on the 15th December, has anyone had Rhinoplasty at Beauty in Prague that can give me feedback on both the surgery and Dr Topinka. I am excited yet nervous for my operation. I am having my tip lowered.

ramona , IP: | 20.8.2009 22:37:17

Hi, I will have rhinoplasty in November in Prague. I would like some impressons about this surgery, like after how long were you been able to go swimming, or run, were you felt any differences after your surgery…or any feedback on Dr Polacek would be helpful. Thanks everyone!

Alistair, IP: | 2.9.2010 17:03:25

Hi guys did you do the surgery? what is your feedback?

ciara, IP: | 2.12.2010 19:10:08

Hello, if anyone can recommend surgeon, I am interested. Thanks

Claire, IP: | 2.12.2010 20:06:30

Hi girls, i had my nose done about 2 years ago. I always hated my nose, and would not even let my boyfriend look at me from the side. I decided to have it done and booked. I had the most fantastic plastic surgeon Dr Josef Kulhanek. He was fab!! :-)

Rhinoplasty in Prague, IP: | 25.4.2014 09:34:47

Dear, After Rhinoplasty you feel pleasant change in your life with full confident.

MelissaYoung, IP: | 29.6.2014 14:46:33

I have had a Rhinoplasty. The surgery was completely painless and the result was amazing. I got a cute and sharp nose through Rhinoplasty. I am very much happy now!

Helen478, IP: | 1.12.2016 12:42:13

I did the procedure and it really helped me. It was a life changing experience for me. I had done my Rhinoplasty in Prague and my surgeon was Dr. Josef Kulhanek MD.

Brigitte Evans, IP: | 7.12.2017 13:19:04

Hi, guys!

I hope we can make this topic live again :)

I had my nose job in Europe too, and I am so happy with the results.

I am breathing so much better now, I would say it has improved at least 80%.

And my nose is also a lot prettier :)

I had my surgery in Serbia since I have some relatives there.

Cheers, Brigitte :-)

KateR, IP: | 29.3.2018 07:39:40

after not too successful first operation on the nose (I was removed a hump) acne began. it's horrible. very long thought and decided on the second operation and here I was advised by Dr. Simon Ourian. Surprisingly, he made me a nose in one operation. I did not think that such a specialist. I regret that I did not go to him for the first time. If someone chooses a doctor for the first operation – I recommend to you Dr. Simon Ourian

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