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Does liposuction work?

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Jazzy, IP: | 27.11.2008 17:53:33

My friend is considering liposuction – does it work?

Sara Hall, IP: | 27.11.2008 17:56:04

I think it's very successful at clearing out the fat, but unless you change something about your lifestyle, it will simply return in time.

Helen, IP: | 4.3.2009 17:16:20

I´m happy with the results of my liposuction. My thighs are so smooth that it´s like booking at someone else´s legs. The lumps, bumps and saddlebags are gone, the sides of my thighs are toned and my knees look slender. I can´t wait to get a little pair of shorts this summer!

Beauty in Prague | 4.3.2009 17:18:49

Liposuction results are permanent as long as you follow a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and a sensible diet will help to maintain the effects.

Liposuction abroad

Jessamy Anderson, IP: | 21.8.2012 09:10:04

Hi, I have done liposuction and I am very happy with its results. It really works. I loss 40lbs with this surgery. Thanks

williamfrank123, IP: | 5.4.2016 13:37:33

Yes it works, Liposuction is one of the famous plastic surgery in the nation. Because it is safe and effective method to remove the fat in your body.

Few of the benefits of liposuction are

1. Reduces cellulite
2. Fat loss
3. Boosts in self esteem
4. Changes your appearance
5. Body sculpting when the diet and exercise doesn't work.

Obie245, IP: | 9.9.2016 06:22:18

I did the procedure and it really helped me to take off a ton of inches on my tummy. I had done my liposuction in Toronto and my surgeon was Dr. Sammy Sliwin ( http://www.sli­winplasticsur­gery.com/…ion-toronto/ ).

Angelina Taber, IP: | 20.6.2017 09:03:23

Ye, it works. Now a days liposuction is one of the safe and easy procedure that to freeze body fat without any side effects.

Johan Aiden, IP: | 27.6.2017 13:29:44

Liposuction is really very helpful to removing extra fat from body. Its procedure is safe and simple even without any side effect. :-)

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